Is Roon actually capable of being bit-perfect in Windows?

Roon Core Machine

Z690 Intel 12700 64GB DDR5 5200MHz Windows 11 Pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

USB → FiiO K3 → Coax → Schiit Modi 3

Description of Issue

My signal path is all purple, but the system volume still affect the music playback volume. It’s not the case in macOS. Therefore Roon doesn’t seem to bypass the Windows OS mixer.

Roon doesn’t use Windows software volume control. It will either use volume control on the DAC or DSP volume control.

Make sure you choose the correct output. Be sure to use Exclusive mode output, i.e., system output not built-in output.

I did choose fixed volume on Roon in exlusive mode. But system volume control still affects volume. No matter what I do, Windows can change the output volume.

Please share device settings. Also, why are you using the FiiO and Modi? Both are DACs. Try connecting the Modi directly using USB.

I use FiiO as a USB to Coax converter. I’ve compared direct USB connection with Coax conversion when onnecting to my gaming PC, the direct USB to Modi sound much harsher.

actually I’ve just tested with my other DACs. Using ASIO driver the volume can be changed with system volume. WASAPI volume is fixed. So is ASIO not bit-perfect?

Both are bit-perfect.

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