Is Roon banned in China?

I saw some articles here about some people having issues downloading Roon updates in China. As the situation in China changes quite frequently I would like to know if Roon and Tidal are banned in China as I will be working in China for a period of time. Roon and Tidal are like oxygen to me. Can’t live without them.


Make sure you get a VPN

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and it’s a moving target. I was there last year and my VPN worked perfectly for access. I was back 2 months later and same VPN did not work to allow me access.

Not surprised.

Really, surprised VPNs work at all.

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Beware Google too, a few years back Google was blocked, Gmail just about worked. There is a Chinese search engine but obviously in Chinese …

Thanks everyone. Looks like VPN is the go. Wondering how TIDAL performs over VPN, if any lags etc.

I wouldn’t perceive any issues. I suspect that’s where a quality VPN is important, with numerous server options.

I used Express-VPN when I was in China for a while last year. It worked well intermittently.

Sometimes it would work for the best part of a day, but at other times it would randomly disconnect or freeze, & I would have to switch to a different VPN source server location for a period of time.

On a few days, it was virtually impossible to get a good working connection for any length of time at all, so for me it was a case of pot luck.

I’m pretty sure that on the good days Tidal would be fine,

The Great Firewall of China frequently changes its rules for services. My experience with this is a few years out of date, but I can’t believe it’s done anything but get worse.

If I was going to be assigned to work there, I would load a Walkman with a 1TB microSD card.

My experience, and the experience of relatives of mine based over there is quite the opposite - pre Covid-19 at least.