Is Roon Compatible with MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)?

This is absolutely correct. There’s a reason they’re called beta versions.

Do you understand the point of developers having access to beta system software releases? It’s so they can make sure their software is compatible when the new system release becomes available to the public. Massive fail here on Roon’s part…

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It seems you’d rather just troll here than understand that Roon is actually doing just what you describe, and has stated so, more than once.

My guess it’s a calculated fail. Probably in more than one way:

  • it actually was possible that Apple would change some parts of the OS update because of the feedback it got from the Beta phase so there was the risk for a double change to be made by the Roon team
  • since an update for the Roon software was / is in the making anyway (or so we hope :wink:) it may not be sensible to push out a macos only update; a workaround is available so it’s not too bad - companies with more resources at hand have failed to deliver updates at release time of (mac) OS updates

If it was calculated, it is a bad calculation. Imagine what all macOS and Roon users who upgrade to Mojave but don’t frequent this forum will experience. That is a lot users who are going to have a very bad experience. Some are going to blame it on Apple and others will blame it on Roon. Regardless, all Roon has done here is generate a bunch of dissatisfaction that could have been avoided. Apple did their part so you can’t blame them. This is all on Roon. Roon did nothing to prepare Apple users for this. They were not proactive in any way.

You can certainly make all kinds of excuses for this lack of action. But there is no good reason to surprise customers in this way.

It’s not “arrogance”, it’s that Roon is “highly opinionated” :stuck_out_tongue:

All (loving) snark put aside, I am, however, curious as to what is it that Roon needs, or rather, needed, in accessibility ?

Not every app must support the latest and greatest day one…

I have a client running Avid ProTools 12 2018 and it can almost run on MacOS 10.13.4…safe on .3 but only recently.

Knowing the Roon guys it shouldn’t be a long wait tho as I am sure they are just making some final checks and maybe we might some new features to boot…fingers X

Don’t know if this is true or not - maybe they’ve update the build environment already or maybe they had to wait for third party stuff to get Mojave ready first or maybe … whatever.

I’m not making any excuses on behalf of others. Just communicating my thoughts.

On the other hand, customers have to surprise themselves, don’t they? You’ve to initiate the update to Mojave - it’s not rolled out automatically or is it? So the impact may not be as tragic as you imagined it - another probable calculation for this fail.

BTW: one could ask if it’s reasonable to update to a new OS version on release day. I remember the saying once used for Windows: never do it before SP2 … :sunglasses:

It has been a few months I think since the last update, so we are probably due one soon. Final testing for release cannot take place until Apple actually release the final version. A sensible approach therefore is not to update straight away to new Apple releases. This goes for IOS as much as it does for OSX. Apple simply can’t be trusted these days not to break their own hardware.

Just updated to Mojave, no problems with Roon.

Listening to media keys on the keyboard so that they can be hooked up to Roon’s transport controls. The new Roon build makes this support optional, and includes a new flow in the UI to help people get it enabled with minimal friction/trouble.

We scheduled this week’s Roon release around the new iOS devices + Mojave release since both require some “running in place just to stand still” stuff on our end–as with most Apple releases, and we like to see the stuff run with real builds before it goes out.

The media keys stuff was pretty involved–required new screens, new OS interfaces to use, etc. We just got our hands on a new iPhone Friday afternoon and added support over the weekend, then got that moved into App Store approval, which adds a calendar day or two.

In any case, we have a build coming out soon. So going to get back to work on that :slight_smile:


Roon Crashing on Mojave. Is there a update coming soon? If not are we going to be prorated?

Yeah same here. Thought I was doing the smart thing by upgrading this morning and now I’m stuck listening to iTunes. BARF

Thanks for taking the time to explain this - didn’t realise how flexible Apple had made their definition of “control your computer”.

(and @Matt_Simpson) - Roon crashed on launch here, the steps described here and there fixed it though, worth a try if you haven’t already.

Hey all,

We just released Roon 1.5 (Build 354) which is includes support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

If you would like to continue using media keys on your keyboard to control Roon, you’ll need to click Grant Permissions on the Setup tab in Settings. Note that this step is now required even on older versions of macOS.

You can read more about this update here:


It’s never smart to update to a new OS until YOU have checked that ALL the software you use runs correctly on that new OS. I have numerous software applications that don’t get updated until a new MacOS is actually released in the wild.

I never usually update until a .2 release and have learnt this the HARD way.


I might normally agree with you, but I work for the company and have been using Mojave internal builds for a year. The only piece of software I don’t run on my testing machines is Roon and low and behold it’s the only app crashing. So there is that. But the fix was easy enough

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Thank you for an extremely fast resolution, and new features :slight_smile: