Is Roon compatible with new Mac with M1 chip?

I went through the previous Rosetta period, from PowerPC to Intel, with no problem at all.

Im thinking about upgrading to the new M1 chip Mac Mini as well (but from a 2011 mac mini), however I just read that this is the first Mac Mini to have a fan, so having second thoughts.

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Get a Nuc, less expensive and more efficient :wink:

I don’t where you have read this but all mac mini’s too to this date have a fan in them. You’ll problably never hear it though because it is dead silent when average processor load is low.

As for Mac in general. I’m a professional Mac user and in my profession nobody in his right mind is upgrading to a new MacOS on the first day of release. Strong advice is to wait a few months, up untill xx.3 version.


You know, I had a post about early adopters of Gen 1 tech… but it got forum eaten. But, yes.

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It’s doubtful Roon Core will run (well) on M1 Macs? Why?

I guess they mean if it was using emulation rather than recompiled for the chip.

Benchmarks are showing these M1 chips as fast or faster than many of the Intel and AMD desktop CPUs at a lot less watts. I’m looking forward to upgrading my core to one once there’s a native app.

I have a 2018 Mini i5. Very quiet. Runs Roon fine. Mine generally runs 7/24.

I also use it for general computing. It’s not dedicated.

I have ordered a new M1 as a Roon Server so I would like to know a preliminary answer ASAP on M1 native support and also minimum RAM requirements or I will return the unit and buy the Intel version which is still available. Tx.

I was wondering whether Roon (as a core) will be supported on the new ARM powered lineup of Macbooks?

Are there any plans in the future for this? As i might purchase one soon.


We plan to release Roon for ARM based MacOS natively, not via emulation or conversion (Rosetta).

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I’ve a 2018 and 2014 Mac Mini. I’ve pulled both apart to upgrade the RAM / hard drive and confirm they both definitely have fans.

okay, great. thanks for correction!

We’ve been testing Roon on Apple Silicon as part of Apple’s Universal App Quick Start Program and we’re happy to say that everything is working quite well! Our tests have shown that even accelerated DSP and other resource intensive functionality are performing great.

We don’t have an Apple Silicon optimized version of Roon available just yet, but this is something we are looking into for the future. In the meantime, the current version of Roon will perform excellently on Apple’s M1 hardware.

We are confident that things will work well, but if you do experience any issues please let us know in #support — Our team is ready to help!


@dylan Will the roon iPad app run native on the M1?

Hello @wizardofoz,

No, the Roon Remote iOS app is not available on the Mac App Store.


Could you please confirm this was an 8 Gig Macmini or a 16 Gig Macmini machine. Tx.

Hello @Drew_Wilson,

We’ve corrected an error in Dylan’s post regarding testing with the M1 chip.

Our Apple Silicon testing was done with hardware provided by the Universal App Quick Start Program.

We have no reason to believe that Roon’s memory usage on Apple Silicon will be vastly different vs. Intel Macs.


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