Is Roon radio more Tidal centric than Quboz?

I have a Tidal premium plan and a Quboz premier plan. After playing an album and Roon radio takes over I have noticed Roon play ~70 % Tidal vs Quboz. Is this factual? Anybody else noticing this?

Nope mine uses both evenly dependant on what genre I am seeding it from.

IDK. Just play Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band, the next 9 cuts that played by Roon radio were from Tidal.

Roon radio is partly derived from what other users in the Roon community play so it’s possible that more users use Tidal, but it does depend on the genre. Tidal perhaps has more directly related artists and tracks for this seed.

Just looked at my last radio session and it’s slightly biased more to Qobuz 10 -7. The seed started from Qobuz maybe that plays a part too I would not worry about it, there is no bias to Tidal in Roon from my experience.