Is Roon Radio working better than ever since the outage?

Not sure if I’m imagining – since restoration of Roon Radio service from yesterday’s outage, it’s giving me much greater variety than I’ve experienced over the last few months (playing from Qobuz). I haven’t had a single repeated artist today, whereas previously repeats would start within 15-20 tracks, as other threads have discussed in detail.

[EDIT: And this was before today’s Build 710 updates]

Anyone else have this feeling…?

not sure what outage is that. but for me Roon radio is quite a disappointment. I find that no matter how I start, I end up having music from the same 4-5 albums.

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Googles cloud services went down in the UK at least on Monday.

@DanMtsn – I was referring to this Roon Radio outage: Roon Radio Service Outage 12/14/2020 [Resolved]

@CrystalGipsy – I did wonder whether the RR outage was due to the Google outage(s), but mostly I was thinking that whatever Roon did on their end to fix the outage might have helped RR selection variety.

But in any case, sadly, I was mistaken in thinking that there had been a sudden change in RR variety at all. Today, RR is back to playing less variety. Must have been the (unusual-for-me) album I seeded from yesterday when starting Roon Radio that caused the greater variety. I’ve definitely had this feeling in the past, and the feeling is getting stronger now. If I pick as a seed an album in my listening comfort zone: less new discovery. Pick an album less in my comfort zone as the seed: more variety and new discovery.

I to have found Qobuz to be really bad with Radio. When I had Tidal as well it was so much better at picking more varied stuff even though the same music appears in Qobuz. I looked back at my history and saw that most of the variance came from Tidal. Since stopping Tidal it’s taken a real downturn. Making me regret leaving Tidal but I cannot justify both any more.

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@CrystalGipsy – Hmm – that’s interesting. I think I may be seeing the same thing for variety via Qobuz vs Tidal.

[I’ve been trying Tidal (via the Black Friday 3-month deal) because I was having trouble with Qobuz stability. For a period I disabled Qobuz and streamed only via Tidal (still in Roon), but just a couple of days ago concluded that there wasn’t much stability difference, so yesterday I disabled Tidal and started playing only from Qobuz. But after your post just now I went back and looked at history, and I think I may be seeing greater variety in the Tidal-only period than in the Qobuz-only period.]

Here’s my post to support.

I am getting the error again, “room radio limited to library”

Hi Steven,

I think there was a brief back end issue that has now been resolved.

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Thanks. Working now.