Is Roon slowly “dying”?

I have noticed that the Roon updates and implementation of new features drastically decreased in the last months.
Also the “activities” from Roon developers and moderators on this forum are more and more rare…

Is Roon slowly “dying” or should we prepare for some important new release with major changes and implementations (discogs or musicbrainz database, new design and cool features…)?


Roon already downloads data from MusicBrainz.

Just my opinion but I think after 4 1/2 years of V1 we are probably due V2 sometime soon. As a long time user I am happy to keep using it but the gloss has definitely worn off a bit for me and I suspect for other long time users too.


This behavior is standard fare for software development. As the codebase improves in stability, features and the quashing of bugs the need for updates should diminish.

The best key indicator of Roon health is the amount of new partners they sign up. So long as their reach is improving from a vendor support perspective there will be new end users eager to try the product out.


Yes to both.
As to the title of your post, certain states of entropy are inevitable. This passage from Nelson Pass in my Aleph 2 amplifier Owner’s Manual:
The amplifier does not require any maintenance. While the design is conservative, this is a hard running amplifier, as single ended Class A operation is the least efficient operating mode. In fifteen years the electrolytic power supply capacitors will get old. Depending on usage, you will begin to have semiconductor and other failures between 10 and 50 years after date of manufacture. Later, the sun will cool to a white dwarf, and after that the universe will experience heat death.


Le roi est mort, vive le roi !


I mean, couldn’t you also interpret your evidence, such as it is, to mean that they’re hard at work on the big UI overhaul?


There are quite a few “is Roon dying” Threads now.

Users seem to be getting nervous as for the future of Roon, we will just have to wait and see what happens. Thee are enough problems they could have solved in the past months and quite a few features that Roon is lacking and that have been written about countless times. I think Roon is far from finished, so it is not a case of, all is wonderful so no update is needed. But I do not want to open another can of worms.

Personally I am surprised by the lack of communication. I used to come from the Squeezebox world, it is just one single person that is taking care of LMS and the communication is better and problems are taken care of quicker.
But all this has been written before and sadly nothing changed.


I really hope that is NOT what they are working on. Not to say that the UI cannot be improved, but it gets the job done. The last time they did a UI overhaul, this forum turned into a giant bitch session.

When I am playing music, I am not looking at the Roon UI - I am looking at my glowing vacuum tubes (just kidding).

I hope the Roon team is working on solving the remote access problem, so I can run a Roon endpoint at work and access my Roon Server running at home. I know others want to see this work on a mobile phone - sure, fine.

They can also work on the search stability problem, though it’s been good for me lately, even using both Qobuz and TIDAL.


Hope not they are dying…
I wish they are prepairing for big leaps like roon 2.0.

I mean, I don’t know what they’re doing. My fault for posting in one of these silly threads.

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A while back Roon added the ability to do background updates for minor stuff like adding new Roon Ready devices. I’m pretty sure that is the primary reason for reduced updates. Add to that, I am sure they wanted a summer off! I think they were due one!

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I don’t know about that. If you follow their blog, they have some update just about monthly so it’s not like it’s been radio silence or anything:


I was a Die Hard PONO fan. Site was gone 4-5 days after the announcement came. No warning, lots of promises, and no results! Hope that Roon doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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Why is there a need for updates when things run just fine? At least it does for mel.


Disagree. My music is still great.


I am still watching this thread, even though there isn’t much traffic on it and even though I have pretty much stopped using Roon. It seems fairly arrogant to say ‘things run just fine’. I have seen lots of things that don’t work; or work badly or unreliably.

Support here has been great but there seem to be so many quirks, even with my fairly unsophisticated music system and my relatively small music library.

I paid my money, too readily perhaps. I still have six months or so, to decide if I renew my subscription. Barring some big improvements, I am not holding my breath.

It seems to me based on your posts that all of you issues have been the fault of your setup. It seems disingenuous to come into this thread and trash Roon…

A lot of people here are optimistic.

I like to gauge things based off evidence, such as what the OP highlighted. All signs are pointing towards a slow and gradual death.

I recently bought a lifetime license which for all you get seemed reasonably priced to me. I worry how Roon will survive without a recurrent revenue stream from “lifers” like myself. I hope they do survive. Roon is fabulous. I would leave the UI alone and focus on:

  1. Integrating with all HD online services – Amazon HD is much needed.
  2. Work with partners to have the widest variety of DACs and Roon Ready hardware available. Need some to be at a lower price point to get volume.
  3. Perhaps Roon should develop and sell a basic, low price point network DAC with MQA (ethernet and Wifi) to complement the Nucleus and Nucleus+. I just ordered a Nucleus+ and should get it in a week or so.