Is SonicOrbiter impacted by Roon Linux change?

Hi @agillis , I just saw this thread and wondered if it is something that owners of the sonicTransporter products should be concerned about?

Please confirm


Not at all. We already have that. Make sure you have updated to 2.8 and email me if you need help.


Thanks. I just received Roon’s heads-up email so I headed here to check it out.

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Yep just got the email myself. I signed up for the Beta. What is the kernel version for ST 2.8?

@agillis Andrew will the xxxxxRendu rage still work on the 2.7 version as endpoints in Roon? I have a original hardware 1.3? microRendu and a friend has opticalRendu both happily running 2.7

As I understand it this is more of a server requirement than for endpoints but I could be wrong

Andrew’s email of yesterday evening confirms the Rendu line will be ok …

“All Sonore Roon Ready Players (microRendu, ultraRendu, opticalRendu, Signature Rendu SE) will also continue to work with Roon”

FYI after getting Andrew’s email yesterday I tried to follow the update instructions but could never get past Stage 1. I am using the ST I5 with an internal 4 TB SSD drive. Finally rebooted for the 19th time around midnight and went to bed. This morning I tried again and got a much longer Stage 1 sequence. Definitely different and much longer log scripts than last night. Following the instructions I rebooted and put in the upgrade28.php address again and VOILA Stage 2 ran through and now my System info shows 2.8. I must have run the upgrade link thing 10 times. I suggest you just keep trying and maybe wait a bit (like 20-30 mins or more) between Stage 1 and Stage 2 updates.

If you have a sonicTransporter you should follow the direction on the FAQ to update. If you have a Rendu player you need a new SD card to get to 2.8

@agillis Andrew are you implying (as I interpreted from the email) that the pre 2.8 versions of Rendu will not work or are you just informing us of the upgrade process to 2.8.

If so is this a limitation of Roon and 2.7 or Sonic Orbiter cores only?

For now older versions will work. But you should always update to the latest version if you want everything to work in the future.

@agillis Andrew why is it so difficult to get an update? I mean via post/courier is so last century. Seriously you can send a file or a link to download? I don’t have an issue with paying a small fee to get the upgrade but seriously this is archaic having to physically ship an sd card.

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I had some issues with the upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8 but in the end by carefully following the instructions and holding off the reboot for a bit all is well.

A suggestion for those who might be having an issue with getting PHASE 2 to start. In the instructions it reminds you to again add /upgrade28.php after the IP address. I may have forgot that to initiate phase 2 after completing phase 1.

You you need to run the full upgrade (step 1 and 2) twice.

I had a few customers with issues and it turned out they were not running step one the second time.

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This docs will help.