Is the 12W iPad power adapter OK for RoPieee on RPi 4?

I currently have my RPi 4 with RoPieee powered by an 12W Apple iPad power adapter, 5.2V/2.4A. It seems to be working fine. My DAC has its own power source and I don’t have a touchscreen or anything else that draws power. I know the RPi 4 official supply is 5.1V/3A. Is there any reason I should buy that instead? I know it’s very cheap but I’d rather not add more e-waste to the world when I have stuff on hand I can re-use…

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If your RPi is working fine, then it’s fine.

The extra 0.5A on the official PSU is (as you suggest) there to provide some overhead for HAT’s and USB devices like hard drives that draw additional power.

My guess is the Apple PSU is problay fairly well built so no point replacing it unless you’re noticing issues — as in it crashing or needing to be rebooted regularly.

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cool, thanks – saves me ten bucks and a trip to the store.