Is the Devialet Mania (portable) Roon Ready?

This just got released. I’ve looked at all of Devialet’s material and on the Roon Partner program site and don’t see anything indicating that it is.
Does anyone have any info on this?

I am afraid no

Cf. Enceintes portables Devialet Mania

Thank you @Yves_ADAM. I didn’t know if it was simply an omission, or that it truly meant “it is not Roon Ready”.
I suppose I could always use it with ARC.
Thanks again,

The Mania is not currently Roon ready but Devialet told me that if enough people ask for it, they’ll add Roon Ready features to the Mania. Pretty important, too. As of today’s update my Tidal account no longer recognizes the Mania over Airplay. Roon, however, does.

This seems to go against everything Devialet told their global dealer network, not third-hand information. So I would work on the premise that AirPlay will be as good as it will get with the Mania.

i would be interested in the Mania for the use in the garden but only if it fits into my Devialet/Roon system. it makes no sense to stream audio using another platform/subscription.


Just checked out Devialet web page and under mania it says Roon tested???