Is the microphone array important?

Description of Issue

Hey friends. I just bought a NUC11TNHi5 and am putting it in an Akasa TN case. I’m a complete noob when it comes to PC building/ assembling. I see in a lot of the video tutorials I’ve found online, removing the microphone array from the NUC is important, and it attaches somehow to the Akasa.

Problem is, I don’t believe there are any guides for disassembling the NUC 11, and it seems like the microphone array is soldered to the unit (aka. unsalvageable). I’m doing my best to learn how to disassemble it and put it in the Akasa, by watching tutorials for other NUC/Akasa models. I’ve figured things out fine until now.

Can you tell me what a microphone array does, and if it’s even important for this very specialized PC I’m building? It’ll only be running ROCK for it’s entire lifespan. Thanks!

On a regular NUC it would be used for getting sound into apps (like zoom etc).

Doesn’t do anything in ROCK.

I haven’t transferred the mic arrays in any ROCKs I’ve built.


I just built a NUC in a Turing case. I didn’t use the microphone. Makes no difference to Roon.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. Much appreciated!