Is the Nucleus case available?

Not sure if this helps anyone looking to roll their own “Nucleus style” Roon server, but it looks like Nucleus uses the same case as the (now discontinued) Lacie Blade Runner NAS designed by Philippe Starck.

We don’t use the same case, but the resemblance is remarkable.

That resemblance is incredible! The designer of the Nucleus case definitely got their “inspiration” from that Starck design! Beautiful case.

Don’t mean to resurrect this thread (but actually I do :wink:) I wonder why Roon don’t sell this case separately - to me it would make COMPLETE business sense no?

Think about it - the only thing they spent serious money on is the case casting and design (I know I know the OS as well) and seeing as they’ve pushed so many of us to actually go the DIY route I’m sure they could market that case directly and probably make more money than selling it as a finished unit.

Paying a dealer the “ridiculous” makrup between the DIY vs i3 vs i7 makes zero sense. I’d part with my hard earned mulla for that case man would I.

You would void the warranty on your NUC installing it into our case. Remember, no CPU fan. Plus you’d have to be careful in the application of thermal compound or else your device would not be thermally coupled.

While I’m confident many of you can do this, this is beyond “DIY”.

Thanks for the feedback Danny.
Agreed that this would void warranties etc and could be slightly tricky yes.
That said there’s plenty of us doing exactly that with an Akasa case already which doesn’t have quite the same appeal (by a mile) as the Nucleus.

Anyways thanks for a Roon - didn’t think I would like it but the bug bit me 30 minutes into my 14 day trial :smile: Same goes for the wife and kids (9 & 11). :+1:

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I just realized this hasn’t been answered definitively. No, we won’t be selling the case separately.

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