Is the Nucleus case available?

Will you be selling it separately for those who prefer to assemble their own NUC but want the fanless option and Roon logo :slight_smile:


There are other fanless NUC cases that you could put a sticker on.

Edit: Although none I can see for an i7.

Edit2: Ah, Plato X supports a 5th gen i7, but Plato X6 makes no claims for the 6th gen i7s.

Exactly, none yet for the ‘Kaby Lake’ i7.
Not a problem but would be nice.


Im using a stream case with i7-7700 (not T or K) and its a 65W TDP off the top of my head and working fine

This is not for the NUC though. Isn’t it? It looks like for a mini-ITX board.

Indeed, I have not found a fanless case for the NUC7i7BNH, if anyone does please post a link.


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One thing to consider is that the Nucleus might be running a bulk purchase bare bones Intel NUC board designed for system builders - i.e. it is designed for a custom case.

if not it might be a nice option for those that want a bit of DIY with a better suited power supply and look of the Nucleus :stuck_out_tongue:

$1600 - ATLAST Fully Loaded Fanless Mini-ITX SYSTEM - Kabylake i7, 16gb 3000mhz Ram, 256gb NVME SSD, 2x 2TB 2.5" RAID 0/1 UP TO 4TB Music Library Storage.

I bought one of these for a client last week for a multi zone audio system installation that I’m doing next week. It has superb specs and a very competitive price compared to the Roon version at $2k.

I don’t think that is a NUC case?

Maybe fine for a Linux install

Oops, sorry, I meant to just post that in the thread and not to you directly. There was a European outlet that had some custom kabylake compatible fanless NUC chassis, but I can’t seem to find it. It was a month ago when I saw, but now the etailer eludes me for some reason when I tried googling it.

I had buid a HTPC based on an i7 NUC with one of these cases. akasa . The quality was first class.

This is high quality design fanless NUC (KabyLake i7-7700T) :

Looks good but are you sure that you can fit NUC7I7BNH in this case? It looks like that this case hasn’t been designed for Intel NUCs but please correct me if I’m wrong.

It has been designed for NUC; check the drop down menu, you can choose which CPU you want. They actually build your NUC, I don’t think they sell the case alone.

Hmm. There are no NUC options available for this case (at least I cannot see any). For example CPUs in Intel NUCs are different than what is available for this case.

Therefore I doubt can ROCK be installed on this. It may work but at least it is not officially supported:

I bought mine 2 years ago (Cirrus7 nimbini - Media Edition), it is a Intel Core i7 5557U Broadwell, and the motherboard is Intel Corporation NUC5i7RYB.
It is still available here :
You may be right, the Nimbus v2 might not be a NUC motherboard, but the most important is the CPU, and it is a Kaby Lake.
Why do you think it might not be able to run ROCK ?

I was just thinking that it would be safe to buy hardware that is officially supported. That’s all :slight_smile:

Er, there’s more to the configuration of the supported NUCs than simply the CPU. From the ROCK page in the Knowledge Base:

We have only tested with the above mentioned NUCs. It may work with other machines, but the drivers needed may not exist there. Try it out and let us know. We can not comment on whether any different hardware will work, as we have not tested it. We will not make any guesses, educated as they might be.
If you do manage to get it to run, that’s great, but we can not guarantee it will continue to work with future builds. Consider yourself warned.

in fact, CPU is pretty low on the “needs support” list. 99% of the work is in the motherboard… the ethernet driver, power management drivers, etc…