Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]

You will like an article in this weeks Copper Online Mag that addresses the point you just made.

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wait until you see it in person, it’s very pretty – you will want it on top of all your other gear.


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Will it be available in the UK?

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Now the “surprise” is out, I’m just curious​ if this’s​ all of it or if there’s more part(s) to the surprise that’s yet to be revealed​? :wink:

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I think I will be going down the home brewed NUC/Rock route but I am a bit of a techophobe and will also give thought to saving my pennies and plumping for Nucleus. I hope this question does not give rise to offence but if Roon, for whatever reason, closes down or a new kid on the block comes up with a whizz-bang player, will it be possible to repurpose the hardware?

Yes of course the HW is standard it is the os that is customised.

:slight_smile: thanks

August, is it? @Danny ?

I want one, in spite of having a NUC and a SonicOrbiter.

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.


yah, possibly earlier, but august is safe

Why would anyone pay $1200 for the Nucleus when a Mac Mini with i5, 256GB flash (four times more!), 8GB memory (twice) costs $900? and it’s a full fledged computer made by Apple

Horses for courses I guess.

Mac mini is not fanless.
Nucleus runs ROCK a customised os.
You don’t need a full Apple or Windows system to run Roon now.
Nucleus is a turnkey solution and that has huge appeal to non technical buyers.

And yet if you don’t want Nucleus you can just run Roon on a Mac, Windows, Linux pc or indeed on a Qnap, pretty impressive choice I would say.


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