Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]


OK nice … but can Roon now please make ROCK available to download for nuc devices.


Seconded !!!

I just checked my calendar to see if it was April 1st…


As a ‘turnkey’ solution I believe it will be ideal, especially for listeners who currently use cDPs ,vinyl etc.
Truly plug and play, I am looking forward to release,

Great name! I may have to rename my NUC now. :slight_smile:


How long will we have to wait for Roon RPi based electrons?



Why? DietPI with Roon Bridge is excellent and Ropieee is shaping up quite nicely, especially for those in the DSD oversampling rat race.

What more would you want?

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waves hand at stereo
“This sucker is nuclear”

Do the servers come with a full version of Roon , or will one have to pay for a subscription after the purchase?

Just couldn’t help myself:


It does however seem an unexpected left field move from Roon.

One can only presume that they have done their marketing and the absence of a turnkey solution would be a limiting factor for the growth of Roon.

On thinking about it this is quite a positive move as there will be a lot of people who would not fancy buying an Intel NUC and setting it up and would presume one of these products running ROCK would be the best nucleus/core for Roon.

Perfect for such a scenario as the new Naim atom announces that it is a Roon end point and I ask well how do I get Roon to my new Naim atom and the simple answer is buy one of these nuclei pointed at your already ripped collection via a web interface and away you go.

Now where does the proton fit in?


Shouldn’t this thread be in another forum section such as Roon Hardware or ROCK? :wink:

Sorry, could not resist Silicon Valley Nucleus

On a more serious note. Interesting news. Will Nucleus be available in Europe? Importing from the US is possible, but kinda expensive.

Why so expensive?


Since I first read about ROCK in here… I was, instead, pretty sure something like this was going to happen :wink:

It seems to me that Nucleus is harking back to the Sooloos roots of Roon.

Choice is not a bad thing, and I’m sure it will appeal to music lovers who are not computer audiophiles. Pricing is pitched at the audiophile market; I’m just happy that I have the option to do a DIY NUC solution for a lot less and end up with something that will sound just as good to my ears.


Pricing is always sensitive, but this should not be compared to an of the shelf NUC with the same specs.

To pull this of roon has to do marketing, build sales and distribution channels. Customer service for the hardware side, warranty, etc… there are a lot of costs that roon has to cover to make this viable.

Also as Geoff said this is aimed the audiophiles or customers that just want a turnkey solution and not go the DIY route. That also comes at a premium. It is a nice choice to have.

So in the correct perspective the price to me is not that shocking. But that is personal.

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The specification in the original link suggests that the bit of kit includes the Roon OS, which might help to explain the high price

Indeed, I should perhaps have made it clear that I think the prices of the Nucleus products are actually reasonable, particularly when I look at the price tags on some of the stuff that is available in the audiophile market.