Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]

Absolutely. Obviously the right move. I wish they’d done it 6 months ago so I could justify buying it and save some time instead lost resentfully fiddling with NUCs…

All they have to do now is import Sooloos metadata alongside the new metadata system, and they’ll eat up that (tiny) portion of the market completely. [ducks]

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(The fanless quote wasn’t mine BTW :wink: )

That explains a lot about a lot of hifi computer equipment. Thanks for the insight.

I doubt many people are going to put that black box in their listening rooms, next to their beautiful endpoints, DACs, streamers, speakers, etc.

That box looks like it was built to go where all computers, amps, etc. belong - down in the cellar, where it’s cool.

Cool as in temperature, not as in hipster.


Thanks for confirming that for “audiophiles” it is all about the looks despite claiming otherwise… :wink:

You will like an article in this weeks Copper Online Mag that addresses the point you just made.

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wait until you see it in person, it’s very pretty – you will want it on top of all your other gear.


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Will it be available in the UK?

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Now the “surprise” is out, I’m just curious​ if this’s​ all of it or if there’s more part(s) to the surprise that’s yet to be revealed​? :wink:

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I think I will be going down the home brewed NUC/Rock route but I am a bit of a techophobe and will also give thought to saving my pennies and plumping for Nucleus. I hope this question does not give rise to offence but if Roon, for whatever reason, closes down or a new kid on the block comes up with a whizz-bang player, will it be possible to repurpose the hardware?

Yes of course the HW is standard it is the os that is customised.

:slight_smile: thanks