With ROCK, Can I store music on an SSD?

Re ROCK and my own NUC. . .can I store music on the local SSD using ROCK? I would like to put a 1-2tb SSD in and put my music (or some of it) there. . .thanks.

The Knowledge Base article on ROCK states:

The SSD can not be used for music content. If you want music content in this device, use another disk (see below about “internal storage”)

This refers to the M.2 SSD where ROCK installs its operating system and the Roon database. The recommended NUCs also have an additional SATA connector for an optional internal storage device. This, as the article also states, can be an SSD or HDD and this drive can be used to store your media

I would suspect that one could install a single 1-2TB SSD and create two partitions on it.Create one 64GB partition for the ROCK OS and roon database, and use the remaining space (960GB or 1984GB) for a partition to store music.

On the other hand, the ROCK installer might repartition the SSD into a single partition regardless of how you partitioned it before hand to simplify things. If that’s the case, you might be able to repartition the SSD after installing ROCK using GParted Live.


  • Eric

Repartitioning sounds like bad advice: the ROCK installer does wipe the entire SSD. In case you’d need to reinstall, it would wipe your music as well.

ROCK is built to keep things simple: small M.2 SSD for OS and database, larger SATA SDD/HDD for music. If things would fail for whatever reason, just reinstall ROCK, restore database from backup and rock on.

Restoring from a backup would apply to losing your roon metadata and music data due to failure in either case, partitioned or not. We all back up our music, don’t we? :slight_smile:

You can not. This won’t work at all for a multitude of reasons.