ROCK exposing SMB share?

OK, I’m going to show my linux/NUC ignorance here… If, say, a 3TB drive was installed in the NUC running ROCK to store all the music, can it be readily accessed as a share externally (say from a Windows PC) to copy files to/from it as well as to automatically back it up?

I would image that the devs would make life easy and expose the internal storage drive as a network share so that Windows users could easily copy files to and from that drive. I would also bet that you could map it as a Network Drive like Z: on your Windows machine.

It’s densely packed with the answer to every question I’ve heard about ROCK and more

This question is answered 3 times on that page, both in regards to backups and to copying files:

It exposes your internal storage and external storage (USB) drives over an SMB share


the internal storage is accessible via a network share


Internal storage (for music content) WILL be reformatted, so don’t put your music on it and expect it to work… you will need to copy your music to it via the network share exposed, or via Roon drag/drop import


So at the moment I use a 2 bay NAS for music, photo and video storage. I really like the idea of getting rid of the nas to reduce the box count and using an internal Sata on the nuc. Will I be able to store non music files on this share also or will it upset ROCK?! I get I would need to add them once Rock is installed, and I would have no serving options for these files…

My guess is that the additional mount points in the ROCK (internal or external) will need to be added to the Storage locations settings in the Core settings - they would not by default be added to the system just because they are there.

So based on this assumption if you had a folder for Music and one for Video and another for Photo then you would only add the Music folder in the Roon Storage locations for the library.

all drives (internal or usb) are exposed in a single share, but the internal drive is the “default music folder” – so you cant really put non-music there.

for the USB drives, you can divide them up as you want.