Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]

Will it be available in the UK?

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Now the “surprise” is out, I’m just curious​ if this’s​ all of it or if there’s more part(s) to the surprise that’s yet to be revealed​? :wink:

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I think I will be going down the home brewed NUC/Rock route but I am a bit of a techophobe and will also give thought to saving my pennies and plumping for Nucleus. I hope this question does not give rise to offence but if Roon, for whatever reason, closes down or a new kid on the block comes up with a whizz-bang player, will it be possible to repurpose the hardware?

Yes of course the HW is standard it is the os that is customised.

:slight_smile: thanks

August, is it? @Danny ?

I want one, in spite of having a NUC and a SonicOrbiter.

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.


yah, possibly earlier, but august is safe

Why would anyone pay $1200 for the Nucleus when a Mac Mini with i5, 256GB flash (four times more!), 8GB memory (twice) costs $900? and it’s a full fledged computer made by Apple

Horses for courses I guess.

Mac mini is not fanless.
Nucleus runs ROCK a customised os.
You don’t need a full Apple or Windows system to run Roon now.
Nucleus is a turnkey solution and that has huge appeal to non technical buyers.

And yet if you don’t want Nucleus you can just run Roon on a Mac, Windows, Linux pc or indeed on a Qnap, pretty impressive choice I would say.


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Why buy a Mac Mini when you can buy a NUC with current generation CPU.


Correct this is right thing to do!

Nucleus isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of DIY PC, Mac and other options but for the folks who just want to plug something in and use it Nucleus clearly has its place. And let’s not forget they are all the same under the hood. Packaging and software divide them but essentially they are the same. It is our tribal nature that builds each option up or knocks them down.


Yes that’s a huge price for me too, indeed. But I am not surprised it is probably not possible to sell it for a price that you could yourself build OEM. There has to be some profit. It is custom made anyway.

I think that’s a concern for someone who is willing to pay that for various reasons mentioned above .

I think what is good about Roon is that, if you want ROCK you can use your existing or DIY NUC. You could install it on Mac or Windows PC… And while doing that you don’t have to compromise on the experience of ROON, thanks god that they don’t oblige you to their own product, which I appreciate. They even did not have to offer ROCK for download since they already have available downloads for nearly all platforms. I also did not find any ROON staff in these forums advertising or exaggerating their own product.
So I appreciate that, I don’t have a NUC but it is nice to know that I can install ROCK on a DIY one and try it.