Nucleus colors?

Will the Nucleus available in silver as well as black?

Or Fucsia…

‘Misty buff’ would be my choice.

That’s a porn name, not a colour.



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I think it’s pretty safe to say that Nucleus is the T-Ford of audio servers: any colour, as long as it is black dark matte grey.

But of course, only @danny knows for sure.

it’s not black! its a dark matte grey


No silver then! I only asked because I thought I saw a silver version on one of the banners/flyers from the pictures I have seen.

Plus, I really want a silver one that matches the rest of my hi fi gear.

I’ll properly end up going down the DIY route with ROCK - though even then it is hard to find a nice silver enclosure.

If you want something silent that you can put next to your hi fi gear, by the time you actually add up all the costs of the components and case and so on, I think that the Nucleus is actually a really good deal.


This one maybe?

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You might be able to work something out with these guys.

Nice. It reminds me of the early JOB Sys (Golmund) amplifiers, for the color and the exposed heat sink.