Is The Nucleus the Best Buy ever?

I’ve had my Nucleus for three years now, and it has never missed a beat. It has never failed me. Updates have installed seamlessly, and it just works every time.

Expensive? Maybe. But great value? Definitely :grinning:



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My £300 2nd hand NUC has done the same since 2018 :wink:


Yes - $2,259 - a lot for a core - compared to a NAS or a NUC. I bought a QNAP silent NAS HS-264 with SSD and I am happy with that. Could I get better SQ with a Nucleus? I don’t know :slight_smile:

Compared to Antipodes Musikserver K40 - 7.990 EUR - the Nucleus is “”“cheap”"" :slight_smile:

Have a nice WE


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I always preferred cost effective over cheap. :wink:


Sorry but no I find it’s way to overpriced for a one use device, that’s a basic NuC and doesn’t come with storage as standard. Way more value for money systems can be bought that are as reliable and give more.

But Rock would not be around without the Nucleus and I guess the Nucleus helps recoup and fund the Dev of RoonOS as its free to use. So I am thankful for that.


I love my Nucleus very much.
Before I had a QNAP NAS as a core, frequently problems (not only due to Roon, but most often QNAP problems).
So I went for a Mac mini M1, also works very well. But I needed the Mac for other purposes, so I went for the Nucleus. Never regretted it.



And that nucleus case is so sexy :heart_eyes:


I think the nucleus is lovely too, just beyond the price range my wife thinks you should pay :rofl:


Gato Audio SRV-1 Roon server, on pre order now for only €3.995,- .


Then there is this as an option…DIY

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If you have no idea how to run Linux or don’t have the time, it’s great. If you know how to use Linux it’s not even close to a good value, especially if you have a spare box laying around where the cost essentially approaches zero. But I’m glad it’s around because it provides an easy way for people to use Roon with not much effort, and it probably does a lot make sure their Linux port has a home (and therefore very low cost for others).

Oh it also has value if you have to put your Room Core somewhere out on display. It has good aesthetics. But if you have a server rack or whatever tucked away in a basement or attic, it doesn’t matter. My core is running on a server that can scream like a jet engine under heavy load, but I couldn’t care less as I’ll never hear or see it.


No. I prefer a Windows NUC. Versatile, so usable for others tuff too.


And my Pi4b, err $60 inc case.

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Same here. Operating well since I bought it, no problems at all.

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So much better than using a computer!


I have the Nucleus and it has performed very well. But to answer your question, no, it isn’t the “Best Buy” ever. Too expensive for what it does and a NUC will provide the same level of service at less than half the cost.


My SonicTransporter i7 has worked flawlessly for 4 years. At $1600 for a purpose-built music server, I consider it a bargain.


I can vouch for the Cirrus7 nimbini fanless NUC, has been absolutely perfect with ROCK and a bargain for about 1600 euros including a 250 GB and 4TB Samsung HDD SSDs and 16 GB RAM


I’m on my 2nd Nucleus, the first one was a first gen base Nucleus that failed after 2 1/2 years, and I wasn’t going to replace it, it was kind of always flaky. But after using Auralic Lightning DS for 6 months, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I ordered a Nucleus Plus, which is very fast, and I’m relieved to have a Nucleus again. I just hope I have better luck with this one, knock on wood!