Is there a difference between shuffling from the tracks or album tabs?

Title says it all really. If I choose shuffle from the album page or the track page will I get the same response? That is a random selection of 5000 tracks?

This seems at odds with the play function from this screen where you get full albums played from the album screen and tracks from the tracks screen in whatever order they are sorted.


Doesn’t appear to be much if any difference. For me I got a random 5063 tracks when shuffling from ‘albums’ view and 5104 tracks from ‘track’ view.

It’s certainly not album shuffle.

I wonder why, Roon generally has a solid mental model, so play “albums”, plays albums, so shuffling “albums” shuffling tracks seems incongruous.


Agreed. I’ve seen several requests for album shuffle but clearly this misses the mark.

Wanted to ask all folks who care about this to vote… I think this is an important one personally, and all you have to do is click on this link below and click the little blue “vote” button. There are only 8 votes currently, but if we can get up to a few dozen it might move up the dev charts…