Is there a list of upcoming features? Prioritized user Feature requests? or is it hidden?

Sorry if this has been asked already…

Is there a list of upcoming features?
Prioritized user Feature requests? (I see lots of requests and lots of comments from users but not many comments or the [square brakcets] from Roon)

Could there be some kind of voting area where features are listed and people vote? Being a paid (and expensive product) it would be nice if there was some kind of democratic process to select new features :slight_smile:



People vote all the time. Roon is still going to follow their priorities.

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Actually this apply for all systems, if they implement all features based on a voting process we will end up destroying the entire solution. It is all about direction of the software, available resources, stability performance and of course reduce support. The best solutions out there actually solve problems no one knew they had :wink:

Roon is going in this direction by suggesting music via Roon Radio based on what you currently are listening to. Remember, democracy only works if the majority is right :wink:

Haha, I agree democracy only works if the majority is right! (or it agrees with me :wink: )

I suppose I was just trying to understand what would be the best way to make feature requests, in the absense of feedback about them or a list of what’s coming up?

Scrolling down the feature list I don’t see any with the [] square brackets, which I thought meant that Roon has looked at it. Does this mean they are no longer looking at anyone’s requests? Just trying to understand how it works.

I do see some recurring themes people seem to want with not much feedfack, hence it would be great to know what was being planned.

If you would like to see a new feature in Roon then search the Feature Request category, add to an existing thread or create a new one if there is no applicable existing thread.

The developers look at Feature Request posts, but only rarely respond. There is no list of upcoming features.

Thanks for the clarification Andy.

Do you think there is a possiblity that the list of upcoming features could be published?
I’m sure people would love to see it :slight_smile:

There are a number of reasons why I don’t expect Roon to do it. Less than a third of total Roon subscribers have accounts on the Forum. The overhead in maintaining such a thread and updating it would detract from actual development. Putting timeframes on things has not worked well in the past because you never know what will show up in testing.

There have been some informal attempts at such a thread in this Category years ago, but they have sunk to the bottom of the category through lack of new information.

Where Roon have indicated that a particular feature is in their future plans a thread is usually marked [On the Roadmap].

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If you were able to do an age analysis of feature requests you’d get a very clear picture that requesting features is for the most part a waste of time. Buy into Roon for what it is, bugs and all or it’ll frustrate you immensely.

@Emile_Lemmer you are of course correct…
Don’t get me wrong, I love Roon and think it’s a great product and having a strong vision and not been crowd driven can be the way to go.
I suppose we all have our pet wants and for me they would turn a great product into an amazing product, but I suppose everyone thinks that.
I do just wish there was a simple to use VPN access solution, so many threads on it, an it seems so close… sigh. I will just keep waiting I suppose… :slight_smile:

I would suppose there is also a dimension that certain things have to get done in order to enable other things later on.
The company has said that some of Roon comes from their SooLoos product and they need to bring that up to snuff. We’ve seen changes that put things ‘in the cloud’, modify how text and screens are composed, speed up code, etc. None of that is very sexy, but it might be a prerequisite for other things which follow.
Given how networking is such a vulnerable area for Roon, I’m not surprised a mobile solution takes a while. I still don’t quite understand how you can get ‘the Roon experience’ through a phone in a car (and it might even be a distraction). But I know I’d love to have it for travel.

As you say everyone has their own ideas. I think of it as living with my dear wife. whatever ideas I have may be taken into account but probably not. And the more I request the less likely it is to happen :slight_smile::grin:


Good points Scott. The better the foundation the better the product :slight_smile: It is interesting to hear what they are doing, were do you find this info out?

Regarding the mobile experience. I’ve glimpsed it, it’s amazing!!

I can get Roon to work over my VPN if I start a track playing when i’m still at home, and then switch to VPN and then it will only play one track… But for that one track it was glorious!
I was listening to music in the sitting room, transferred zone to my iPhone, switched on my VPN and went for a walk. It was so cool having that seamless experience (but the joy was shattered when the song ended, and my Roon client would no longer response, I then had to go to my boring iTunes selection)

Well, some of it comes from reading the Forum. Occasionally Brian or Danny (CTO and COO) will discuss Roon viz Sooloos. You might find this searching for Sooloos.
Most of it comes from the release notes and looking at the product. We gloss over things like ‘text rendering tools’ or ‘color enhancements’, but they take work. Look at how the New Releases For You page is set up (vertical smooth scrolling) and recognize that’s the latest full screen feature and it seems reasonable that is the direction for future pages.
Roon is work in progress. Any software with ambition has WAY more things on the to do list than are really manageable. So Feature Requests are just that. The Roon staff review them in meetings twice a week. It’s not like they turn a blind eye, but one needs to stay focused.

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Lets hope that the Roon Developers do have a list of upcoming features… Otherwise, who is herding the cats??? Honesty folks, what professional Devo orginazition would let their developers run wild… There is a list somewhere, hopefully marketing and devo have the same list… And its ok that they don’t wish to share with their customer base… Maybe not so swift from us customers point of view… Maybe they never heard of being a market focused organization…

There is a simple way buy a Unifi security gateway as your router. It’s VPN is in built and simple to setup. The only problem is Roon remote needs WiFi so won’t work on a cellular network unless you have remote on another device and use the phone as an access point to that.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,
Thanks for the info. I’m curious why you same Roon remote needs WiFi and not cellular? (as I’ve read reports of people getting it working over 3G/4G)

Roon remote on phones won’t load without a WiFi connection so when there isn’t one I need to do this. There is not much WiFi coverage in UK for outside use and free ones have data caps so cellular connection is needed but Roon can’t use cellular at all. Many apps like this. Not sure if it’s just Android or it like that on iOs.

Also I want better quality of audio than my phone and have android Dap which is better for music, android and external DAC is a pain of given up on. So phone acts as a WiFi access point and remote control for the DAP which stays in my pocket and leave my phone free for other things. If I have WiFi I can just use the dap.