Is there a prefered media file type for output to Devialet Air?


I’m running the Roon Core on a Mac mini (2012) with SSD and 8GB RAM with basically no other services. My Devialet Expert Pro (without Infinity Core yet) is connected via Ethernet.

If I’m going to rip further CDs, does it make any difference in terms of playback quality if I use FLAC, ALAC/M4A or WAV?

Will the answer be different, once I’ll upgrade to the Infinity Core? - Maybe one additional off-topic question related to that: Can you already recommend to upgrade from your point of view?

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The devialet understands pcm or dsd. How you store it doesn’t matter to the devialet as long as it’s lossless and Roon understands the format to send the Devialet.

I suggest FLAC.

Roon doesn’t send the original file to the endpoint.
It always sends generic data, either PCM or DSD depending on your DSP Settings.

Great. Thanks for the quick response.

Do you also have a view on whether the time to upgrade to the Infinity Core has already come? I’ve read about a number of hick-ups around the time when it was first introduced.

Not sure whether you’ve already visited Devialet Chat, but there are several active threads there about the Core Infinity upgrade, including:

Like you I’m also wondering when is the right time to have the upgrade done. The jury’s still out from what I read, but it all depends what subset of features you really need to work, I suppose.

Thanks, Ian.

I’d been tracing the two sources that you list. But the overall picture I got was overly conclusive. Several aspect shouldn’t concern me when using Roon… I’ll keep watching out for more definitive signs. :wink: