Is there a problem if I build a ROCK machine with a N100?

I am planning to build a ROCK machine by purchasing the model of Beelink S12 N100.

On the benchmark, I heard that the N100 has similar performance to the i3 8100.

The ROCK manual said ROCK can be made with NUC8i3BEx with i3 8100. However, the N100 is a 12th generation CPU that is not in the manual.

Is there a problem if I use a N100?

If the N100 doesn’t work, I plan to build ROCK with a Beelink Ser5 Max model with AMD 5800h

Since this isn’t a supported configuration, it won’t be officially supported, and is classed Tinkering.

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Most users have struggled to get it too work on Beelink pcs as it doesn’t have the correct drivers. Rock is designed for specific intel nucs. Similar intel based systems can work but not guaranteed.

If you are intent on using the Beelink hardware you can try ROCK. If it doesn’t work it isn’t a big deal. Just install a distro like Ubuntu Server and add Roon Server to that. If you do insist on using ROCK then go to the MOCK thread and see what small form factor machines do work with ROCK.

I bought an N95 mini pc some days ago and installed ROCK without any problems so far.

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did you have to change a lot of things in the bios? been trying to use an n95 (beelink) and it’s not going well but I was trying to install the 1.8 version of roon

I don’t think 1.8 supports UEFI so you need the option for non UEFI on the bios. If it isn’t there you are stuck for that machine.

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And performance-wise, what about the N100 ? Especially when applying upsampling and filters to a 192khz stream for example ? N100 devices are very appealing, inexpensive and can be used without ventilation for dead silent core. For example Kingnovy présente un MiniPC Intel N100 fanless spécial réseau . I plan to directly connect my main DAC to the core (USB), to bypass a Ropieee endpoint, but the core have to be silent.

If you have a machine that can already do this, compare the CPU in it to the N100 CPU. If it benchmarks the same it can do it. If it does not it may not be able to.

I’d like to know before I buy a N100 !

You can do all of that on the CPU comparison web sites. An N100 beats a gen7 i3 NUC hands down.

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I’ve a core i3-1115G4, N100 is only 24% less powerful. And I’m x10 on the i3 with upsampling&curve filter at 384K. Interesting. Thanks for the tip.