Is there a Qobuz rest API?

I searched but could not find a reference to any sort of REST api for Qobuz.

I’m a bit annoyed that the integration between Roon and Qobuz is one-way only (from Q to R really). I was thinking about creating some kind of plug in that would allow me to sync playlists back to Qobuz. That would make it possible to have your Roon stuff available in Qobuz.

But to do that guess I would need an API for Qobuz. Anyone know if there is one?

Dude, click the links and you’ll see that it’s defunct.

soundiiz can sync to and from qobuz so there must be an API available.

My apologies, but that wasn’t obvious from this page.

There is… but Qobuz pulled the public docs a while back. (This was done to try and prevent usage of the API for nefarious purposes… which didn’t really work.) If you poke around on github, you can find a bunch of projects that you could use as a reference.

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That might be something, but I’m assuming I need a Qobuz api-key proper?

Correct, but these same projects will usually have a functional key contained in a config file.

Which begs the question if it’s possible to get new keys, considering they have depublished their api.

Qobuz have an API but it’s not public. I found a webpage to request a key for the private API, I requested one and this was the response from Qobuz:

Is this a commercial application?

We are not able to provide API credentials to individual users.

Yes that’s unfortunate, but as I kinda expected. No api for you… Qobuz still has ways to go with regards to end user integrations.