Is there a setting to enable fuzzy matching of labels and other metadata?

Exploring Roon 1.7 features in parts of the GUI I don’t usually frequent, and I noticed that some of the metadata indexes are case sensitive. This creates some strange groupings. For example:

  • Harmonia Mundi
  • harmonia mundi
  • Harmonia mundi

Are all considered different labels. (For clarity, most of these are identified, so the root cause is inconsistency of metadata.)

Is there a setting to enable fuzzy matching, so these are grouped together? Or a way to connect “DG” with the spelled out words? I am sure that there are lots of examples.

@mike, I assume that this functionality doesn’t exist?

I acknowledge that equivalence is hard, especially when considering multiple languages and naming conventions. But, there may some cases where there are actually a small number of edge cases to consider, or where community involvement might be possible, In the classical label example, some candidates for explicit equivalence mapping would be harmonia mundi, DG, dhm, and so on — not a long list perhaps?