Is there a turnkey solution for HQP NAA on Pi and Beaglebone?

Is there a turnkey solution for HQP NAA on Pi and Beaglebone? This is just out of reach technically for me.

I see @andybob answered your query here for the BeagleBone.

For the Pi, it’s even easier: get the image for your Pi here, unzip and flash to SD card. The Pi will boot straight up and HQ Player will see the NAA.

Does your Pi have an expansion HAT, or will you be using a USB DAC?

I don’t have a Pi, yet. Was probably going to use USB.

If you’re still deciding on what to buy, a Cubox would be the easiest NAA: prefab image available, flash to card and power on.

The Pi uses a shared bus for USB and networking, which leads to troubles when sending high rate upsampled audio (DSD256) over the Ethernet port to a USB DAC. The Cubox has separate buses for network and USB. Mine is flawless.

Or you could just skip the DIY circus and get yourself a nice Sonic Orbiter SE. It’s Cubox based, comes with great software that allows you to easily switch to different endpoint protocols (NAA, but also RAAT, Squeezelite, Airport and MPD/DLNA) and a linear power supply to boot. What’s not to like?

Yeah. The Sonic Orbiter is on my list. PAtiently waiting for other RoonReady endpoint options to compare with HQP.