Is there a way to add an image for album covers?

I’m a classical music listener and just downloaded a set of Bruckner Symphonies from the Berlin Philharmonic website. The 9 symphonies come with an downloadable album cover and a digital booklet.

I’ve added the Symphonies to my Roon storage, but Roon has no cover art for this set – yet. Is there a way I can import the image that I have from the Berlin Philharmonic website? Additionally, is there a way to have the digital booklet show up along with the 9 symphonies in Roon?

Thanks in advance.

@Mark_Salkind. Yes I just did this. Find a image from the web of the album cover and drag it to your desktop.
Next select the album in Roon and select edit(3 dots to the right) and select edit album.
You see an area to add your artwork from your desktop.

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Thank you!

If the PDF is in the same folder as the tracks, it should show up automatically in roon. Look for a small blue icon with “PDF”.

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