Is there a way to block specific artists from Roon's suggestions?

Roon regularly suggests music for me that I’m not interested in. Certain artists come up, typically acts that were popular when I was much younger; stuff from the 1960’s and 1970’s. I don’t care aboutthis stuff. Anybody know how to do this?

Respect for all music has so far prevented all Roon programmers from implementing this.

They would never have agreed on what to block.

In a positive sense, a recommendation system and not a prohibition system was built.

If you have a lot of 60’s and 70’s music in your library or try to listen to it, you will still get these albums recommended.

Delete everything you don’t like and never go back to the old years. After some time Roon learns what you really want. Play only your selected favorites at first.

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I’d say this would be a good feature request for more personalization. I also don’t like the 60s/70’s pop/rock recommendations although I love it when roon turns up a forgotten 80’s gem from my youth. I do however like the roon 60s/70s recommendations for jazz/classical especially new remastering’s.

I’m not sure how effective training roon to ignore 60s/70s pop/rock recommendations with a personal listening regime would be. As I understand it roon takes a more “Borg” approach and the recommendations take into account the collective listening preferences of the relatively old roon demographic. That demographic may have changed with recent releases but there are several not particularly scientific threads which indicate a generally older demographic.

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What Roon offers me is based only on my listening habits. If I cheat, I don’t have to be surprised about pregnancy.

Of course, look what other rockers of the 70s listen to, if I did it myself.

If I only listen to jazz and classical music, I get it offered in the same way. But there is certainly not so much looked at years, but music styles. It’s such a wide field itself, where is anyone supposed to narrow it down in a meaningful way?

Having recently signed up to Roon, I remember I had to enter my date of birth as this would be used to suggest music to me.

You are very fortunate! Personally, my experience is much more mixed. I would certainly like simple filters for decades I could switch on and off. At the moment I do that with decade tags and a “shuffle” on my local library. I would like to be able to do something similar with roon radio and several of the recommendation features, but I believe that would be a feature request. I wouldn’t be surprised if several such feature requests already exist.

I also had a lot of problems with the selection in the beginning. But it was due to myself. I wanted too much jumble and so many new publications, then no recommendation system can cope with. Not even the best of Spotify at the moment. It’s better to try a song or an album, a genre, a period and then expand later.

Not sure I understand? I think we are probably talking about different things.

I use roon radio and recommended playlists and services like that in contexts where I do not want to think for myself. So for example, now that we are able to have a few visitors around who are usually a similar age group I just want to seed roon radio with a favorite track from the 80’s for background music and forget about it. But I cannot trust roon radio to maintain a consistent mood so I shuffle my own 80’s tags instead so I don’t have to worry about it.

In this context I don’t need any complex additional AI or machine learning from roon. Just a few simple filters to personalize roon radio’s machine learning picks for the context in which I am going to use it is all I want.

If I don’t want to think for myself, I take Songradio or artist radio from Spotify. Then I get expected pretty much without surprises. However, Roon-Radio does not want to copy exactly this procedure, but rather go a different way, which in my eyes is also not yet ready (perfect). This grows like Spotify only with years of listening properly.

If I want this completely uniform in HiFI, I make a Spotify playlist from it, take tunemymusic and it is a playlist on Tidal or Qobuz and then I just play what the 100 million acquisitions on Spotify so would recommend. It is then based on EchoNest & Co and on 400,000,000 customer accounts.

But here again, some people have problems, because they say I’m only offered what I already know, no more surprises. There is no one right way.

I think there is something being lost in the translation. Neither the OP nor myself are talking about any changes at all to the roon recommendation or radio logic. What is being requested is a few simple filters that can be manually set by users on their local roon core to personalise results that are being delivered completely unchanged by roon’s recommendation servers. A bit like a brick wall filter on your local DAC but for content rather than bitstream.

But this discussion is already now a feature request and that is where it should be moved.


Not true. Roon’s recommendations via Valence are based on the collective Roon user base data. Your personal usage does not “move the needle” very much in terms of what is recommended.

That would be bad news for 100,000 customers.

All want to be served first personally to your taste and when it is clear what customer X likes to hear will look for common references to other Roon customers.

If I listen to German Schlager and you prefer Metal, no common mix should be made of it, otherwise there are two dissatisfied customers :wink:

Only if it would be very common that rockers want Schlager, hopefully you will select that.

Unfortunately I do get offered German Schlager. Sorry Uwe, I don’t like it. I don’t know why I’m offered it but I assume it’s got something to do with me liking other international genres like French Chanson and Middle Eastern music. So as other roon users like yourself like “international” German Schlager it gets lumped into the “international” bag and I get offered it.

There are a lot of threads and even responses by roon on this topic about personal listening habits being only a part (maybe a small part) of roon’s considerations when making recommendations. I don’t think this is a controversial point, it is just the way roon works and you may get a better experience if you are aware of it. I don’t like large forces Classical music in my living room for example but many roon users do so I have learnt not to seed roon radio with any sort of Classical music. I don’t like hours of predictable AM Rock either so I am careful not to seed roon radio with Classic pop/rock music I actually like in small doses.

Maybe there is something about your specialist taste in German Schlager that gives you the impression you are getting a highly personalized service!

I just try a lot and watch how the recommendation system reacts. Of course, this does not protect me or the recommendation system not to be wrong :frowning:

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