Is there a way to disable Room Perfect?

Once set up is there a way to disable Room Perfect?

Also is it safe to assume that for the Voicing if Neutral is selected there is no EQ being applied (nothing added subtracted)?

I’m not a Lyngdorf owner, but you could just read the owners manual, or look at my quickly found info…


Just use Bypass

You can use the remote arrows to scroll to it - or the amp buttons

Neutral gives the standard curve, it’s a gentle slope off towards the higher frequencies

Depending on which amp you have, your screen may show a small graph depicting the frequency response of each ‘voice’
I think you can find them online or in the manual too

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see my screenshot of TDAI 1120 voicing manual showing a straight line…

In Audio Set Up on your Lyngdorf App, enable RP Bypass.

Neutral shows a flat straight line, but in reality it is not flat. It’s intended to give a “Neutral” accurate sound at the MLP. From what I recall from my REW measurements, there is a slight lift in the bass frequencies and slight tail off in the higher frequencies.

…then Lyngdorf must be stating alternative facts in their owners manual, saying that voicing is an additional EQ according to the respective depicted curve on top of what RoomPerfect and your other manipulations do …

That’s not how I read the manual or my experience with my TDAi 3400. RP doesn’t try to create a perfectly flat frequency response. So without any voicing, I think you would find a sloping response, this being what resembles the natural response of speakers in a room and what most listeners probably prefer. Neutral voicing on top of that is simply not adding to or subtracting anything away from that natural response, hence the straight line depiction. At least, that’s how I understand it. Hope this makes sense.

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…so we’re saying the same, if you read and digest what I said…
Peace, stay safe and enjoy your music!

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Agreed. Take care and enjoy. :grinning: :+1:

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I had the TacT 2.2x before the ‘2200, ‘2170 and now ‘3400

TacT (pre-cursor to Lyngdorf) gave you a flat curve (voice) to try, primarily to get you away from the ‘flat frequency response’ myth

It sounded awful; shrill and bass less

Their recommended curve was the equivalent of Neutral in the TDAi voices I.e. bass lift and rolled off treble

While the 2.2 was a faff, you had to use a PC, it was interesting in that you could plot any response curve you liked

I always ended back at Neutral though!

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