Is there a way to filter by artist and only show albums that are local

I go to library, artists, and then filter by local (my) content. It still shows Tidal stuf……I want to just see the albums on my local storage for the artists….

I stumbled upon this because there is a view in artists “by number of albums” and I’d love to use that but just what I have locally.

Focus on your physical storage location.

Or choose Tidal and invert the selection, whichever is the easier.


Thanks, but I want to do this from the my artists view…

What are you trying to see, local artist or local albums?

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish, still Focus is just as available in Artist View as in Albums:

I want to sort by artists, by number of albums, but filter out Tidal albums.

I click on My Artists, and then I sort by number of albums and then I focus to Only my local location, but the albums from TIDAL are still there when I look at the artist. Must be because I am in artist view, and it’s just filtering out the artist I have not the albums.

In the end, all I’m trying to do is sort by my artists and see how many albums I have locally buy them (not tidal)

Doesn’t seem like you can do that. Not a biggie.

Yes, but looking at your pic, if you click on any of those artists, it will show your local content and tidal or quobuz

I actually just stumbled upon a pretty cool feature I didn’t know you could do and it kind of gives me what I want but only one artists to set a time.
If you click on an artist, and then click on the three dots and choose view albums in library, it shows all the albums that artist is part of in your library. Very cool!……did not know you could do this. And then I can filter out the tidal stuff.
FYI - I am always trying to see what I have locally (meaning it’s mine) vs Tidal. I love how Room seamlessly combines the two, but a lot of the time I want for example, . “How many Neil Young albums do I own” not “how many Neil Young albums are in my library”
Just being a music nerd is all………thanks for all the replies!

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I just sort my albums by artist, then zoom to that artist’s albums and there they are. If I didn’t want to include Tidal albums, I would first use Focus to exclude Tidal albums. Here’s Taylor Swift albums with Tidal excluded…