Is there a way to find user created Qobuz playlists within Roon interface?

I can’t seem to find a way to search through user created playlists from Qobuz in the Roon app itself.

I often use those kinds of playlists for discovery and it sucks not being able to get them directly. Need to log in to Qobuz apps and do it there. Roon radio isn’t good enough for discovery.

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Roon - My Stuff - Playlists

Qobuz sends them down to Roon automatically. Seems like if you created the playlists, there’s nothing to discover that you haven’t already discovered.

Right but searching them, there’s no option for that within Roon right?

Every column has a search function.

Where are you seeing those magnifying glasses? Al lI see is filter symbols.

Within Roon, under Browse, select Qobuz to get to the dedicated Qobuz screen in Roon. You’ll find your playlists under the My Qobuz tab.

That’s what I did. No mag glass.

Apologies. I may have been a bit too fast. My response was to the tile of your post.

Is the a way to find user created Qobuz playlists within Roon interface?

I’m now re-reading you post more carefully and your question is different from the title somewhat ambiguous

Assuming you want to search within a playlist, the suggestion of Jim is good. I’m also seeing the funnel (filter symbol) instead of an hourglass, but it can be used to search/filter on a specific column. Not sure if this is related to the Roon version or the platform.

Huh, now that you mention it, I just noticed as well that all funnel icons have been replaced by magnifying glasses - I’m using the new Early Access version, so I guess this was a change made there (though I don’t know about Jim)

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If you mean other search Qobuz for users shared playlists in Qobuz then no you can’t search for any playlist not in your library. You need to favourite them in the Qobuz app to come into Roon then they are searchable.

If you mean search for your own created playlists they will sync to under My Playlists in My Stuff . Ensure shared playlists is ticked as below. But Roon should search for this in regular search as well

If you mean search your own playlists for tracks then what Jim suggests further up will work.