Is there a way to see ALL albums by a particular artist from TIDAL only?

Let’s say I search for Frank Zappa > click TIDAL artists > click Frank Zappa > click Main Albums > click All Albums. I now see only Zappa’s albums in my TIDAL favorites and in my local disk. Shouldn’t I see ALL available albums in TIDAL, and not my local albums (because I clicked on TIDAL artists earlier)?

I also tried the TIDAL option from the main menu, but then the search also looks in the local collection.

This makes it harder to discover new albums from the artists we love. Currently I find myself browsing TIDAL from their own native app, fav’ing the albums and then switching back to Roon.

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This sounds wrong to me. The top section of the artist page, “Main Albums” should be your TIDAL favorites and Zappa albums on your local disk – meaning, these are all the Zappa albums in your collection.

Further down the page, you should see a TIDAL Main Albums section:

This section is designed for exactly this purpose:

It will not include albums that are already in your library, as this section is designed to help you find new albums to add to your library.

So to answer your question, every album by the artist should appear on this page at least once, either in your library or in the TIDAL section.

Also note that once you’ve added an album to your library, it will be available for features like Discover, Focus, and Radio, and will no longer appear in the TIDAL section of the artist page, which you can think of as “albums you might want to add to your library”.

Finally, this may be worth a read. Also note that you can select multiple albums from the artist page to add multiple albums to your library at once.

Thanks for the quick reply! I did not see the second Main Albums section before. I will check it out.

But don’t you think it is weird that after I clicked “Frank Zappa” under TIDAL artists, I get to see my local files?

Another question: what should I see when a search for “Frank Zappa” and look under the TIDAL Albums tab > View all?It now shows some of my fav’d albums and some others. But not all Zappa’s albums in TIDAL?

We have a single comprehensive page for every artist – the goal is to give you an overview of their work, so you’re going to end up on the same page whether you get their via TIDAL results, or an album in your collection, or a credit on someone else’s album, etc.

Zappa has content on TIDAL, so you’ll see him in the TIDAL results, but the goal of the design is to have a single place in Roon where all the Zappa lives :slight_smile:

Album search results are going to be based on the word you searched for ( Zappa), not the person, so you’re going to see albums with “Zappa” in the album title, track title, album credits, etc.

Some of these are sure to be actual Frank Zappa albums, but it’s not going to be a comprehensive live like you’d find on the Zappa artist page.

Hope that helps!

So, Why are there two of every album listed? They sure look like the same version… or am I missing something?
Ok, not every album has two listed but…??/

Are you seeing multiple versions in Roon that you’re not seeing on TIDAL?

Let me check Tidal real quick, I was only, for now, commenting on your screen shot and my quick search that shows the same as your screen shot.

Edit: yep, Tidal indeed does have two of a lot of them…hhmmm

We used to dedupe here to make it look nicer, but there are a lot of times when one version is clean v dirty, or one has a bonus track, or even just two copies without any obvious differences.

We still group duplicate versions (same link as above) once an album is in your library, but for non-library TIDAL we currently show everything they stream, even if it doesn’t look great.

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OK, that makes sense.

@mike Is there anyway to allow us to see Tidal albums that are already in our library? In some cases I have an MP3 in my library and I would prefer to listen to the higher res Tidal version. In some cases I only have one or two songs from an album in my library and I would like to access the remaining songs that are on that album in Tidal. These things are very important to me and if there is no way to access the Tidal versions of an album beside going into the Tidal app and labeling it as a favorite, I won’t be renewing my subscription. This is a deal breaker for me.

In album view click on the thre dots and at the bottom of the menu is an option for go to Tidal version.

From the Albums page…

Focus > Inspector > Storage Locations > TIDAL Library

(You can create a bookmark for those Focus settings.)

On reflection, I think this really doesn’t address the OP’s concern, but I’m leaving it up because I think it does address the question in the subject line.

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Thanks. That didn’t answer my question but I appreciate learning about the options you showed me. At this time, it looks like my best option is to go into the Tidal app an create a few hundred favorite albums that are partially available in my library so I can see them when I search for them in Roon.

I’ll just chime in here and point out that this feature design has made it more of a challenge to find MQA albums on Tidal through Roon. There are lists of MQA albums on Tidal floating around, but it’s hard to find them through Roon because Roon won’t show any versions of a release on Tidal once it’s been added to the Roon collection.

I think I was mistaken. If I save an album as a favorite in Tidal it won’t show up in Roon if a part of that album is already in my library. I think the only alternative is to delete the tracks from my library so Roon will allow me to find the album in Tidal when I search for it.

You can add Tidal albums to your Roon library from inside Roon or by using the Tidal app as you say. It might be useful to use a tablet and go to Roons album view and Focus on Format = MP3. This will give pages which you group by artist. Using a laptop you can then use the Tidal app to favourite albums from artists.