Is there a way to sort an artist by most popular tracks?

Is there a way to sort Tidal artists by the most popular tracks? I know “most popular” is subjective but it is offered in the tidal app. I use tidal exclusively for my source in Roon. For example if I want to find “Just the Way You Are” by Diana Krall and don’t know the album it is almost impossible to find unless you perform a google search or clicking through all albums. Is there just a track view vs album view?

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Simply click on the Search Icon in the top right hand corner of the Roon app

Enter the text “Just the Way You Are Diana Krall”

In the resulting screen, scroll down to Tracks…and choose “Tidal Tracks”

That Track will be the first 1 or 2 listed

Click on the Track to Play it

Or even better, click on the Album Name to the right…and then choose “Add to Library” option so that you don’t have to search for it in the future, as the Album / Track will always be there in your Library on the Roon app

Thank you for the quick reply. When I add a song from an album to my library the remaining songs on that album disappear when you click on the album under “main albums.” Is there a way to keep this from happening?

Yes, add the album. If you just favorite a track only that track will appear under the album. To get the whole album you must favorite the album not the track.