Is there an Android NAA?

Is there an Android NAA would like to try HQPlayer with Roon on my M11 Plus DAP. I have a feeling this won’t be possible though but thought I would ask anyway.


Not at the moment…

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Thought not thanks.

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Is there a plan to support Android?

Since Android 14 supports higher bitrates then 48k and external DACs natively now, there should be no more technical limitations to do so.

yeah, a bunch of us sillies with those Android-based Eversolo streamers would love to see HQP functionality incorporated somehow.

It sounds great as is, but I’m sure with HQP filters it would be even better.

With some sensible audio engine bypass that can enumerate the DAC capabilities properly? But I kind of fail to see the point why some audio device would have something as massive as Android.

Android has Linux underneath, so the manufacturer could bolt networkaudiod there, under all the Android extras.


Does this mean that hqplayer will not be designed specifically for the Android version of Naa, and we can only rely on hardware manufacturers?

Yes if you want a NAA integrated in a streamer, but you can run NAA on almost any Windows/macOS/Linux pc/sbc

So how do I connect my roon, hqplay desktop, and eversolo?

You cant as its Android based not Linux so there isnt an NAA for Android, only way is via another device that can run NAA connected to it so the Eversolo is used as a DAC not a network streamer.

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Eversolo has a usb-c digital input and can be used as a dac, therefore:
HQPlayer → Ethernet > NAA → usb (x) → Eversolo
HQPlayer → usb (x) → Eversolo

(x) Eversolo usb-c compatibility is for Windows , macOS , Android according to specs, non mention about Linux

This does work for dual channel playback. But my Eversolo is for multi-channel DSD audio playback. And the Eversolo can only play multi-channel audio over RAAT or other Ethernet,not through the usbc.