Is there an app for RaspberryPi (like Ropieee) that also display whats playing over HDMI?

I just set up a Ropieee for my garage and love it.

What I was looking for is a RAAT player/device for a bedroom that has a TV in it (I’m currently using a chromecast but I can’t group it with my ropieee player as it’s a different type). I would like to see what’s playing on the TV, just like the Chromecast does.

So ideal want list:

  • Raspberry pi (or other very small (cheap) device)
  • Audio over HDMI Stereo
  • HDMI video out to see what’s playing - like Chromcast

Does anything like this exsit?

If not, what about the audio output fomr say a Hiberry DAC+ with the what’s playing over HDMI?


Take a look at DietPi for your RPi.
You can use your TV as the display, and group it with your Ropieee.

I can’t give you step by step instructions or any further help, since I’ve another use case now, using only Ropieee RPi’s with touchscreens, but had successfully tried, what you’re looking for.

Compared to Ropieee, it is definitely more challenging to set everything up, but there’s ample documentation to guide you along the way.

Happy tinkering, and stay healthy!

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Check out this post


My NUC7i3BNK roon core/bridge has been running for 2 years without a glitch now.

The Rasperry Pi 4 did not exist at that time so I have no idea if that could work. Back then I had tried RPi and Vero 4K as Roon Bridge (they both have CEC wich is pretty cool) and none was working well enough (especially for multichannel files). (I happen to have one RPi4 now so I could run some tests…)

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