Is there an official Roon feature request thread?

Before I get to my request, kudos to the Roon team on 2.0. I know the remote access has been an ask for a lot of people and I’m sure this was a difficult nut to crack. Sadly, this doesn’t really do anything for me as I live in a country where cell phone data plans are a bit of a joke so I would blow my monthly allotment in hours if I did this. Even with that, this is not really a big part of my personal use case but it does address a lot of people’s needs.

OK, on to my number one request. More than anything, I want to see a real solution for multi-disc collections. Be it double albums, box sets, large compilations, the current system of listing Disc 1, Disc 2, etc. and the accompanying tracks just doesn’t work. And this is a big issue these days as box sets have become extremely common. They make up the vast majority of my CD purchases these days. I know many others have been asking for the same thing. I really want to see a solution where there is some form of description available for each disc in a set. This is the major failure in the current system for me. It might me a compilation of a bunch of different albums or it might be a deluxe edition of a record with different versions of the album (original album, remastered version, new mix of album, hi-res version of album, etc.) plus other discs with additional material (singles, EPs, demos, alternate versions, live material, etc.). The list could go on. The bottom line is, you need to be able to immediately see what is on those discs so you can play what you want. Showing Disc 1, Disc 2, … just isn’t good enough. Please Roon team, make this a priority. Thanks.

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When you choose a category, you will see sub categories.
There is a Feature Suggestions section under Feedback.
Best to create your request in that format.

Or search the existing feature suggestions to see if anything already similar exists

Take your pick


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Yes, but they’ve hidden it because the product is already perfect :wink:

As posted above: Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community



Hear hear! Great feature request :slight_smile: And yes, a few already exist for that, add your vote!

Or if you really care about it, don’t just vote, but find all the related threads and ask the moderators to combine them into a single thread so that all the votes can be combined in a single place.

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