Is there any firmware or other issues that would make it impossible to load a different OS on Nucleus

Hi -

I own a Nucleus+ rev B. It’s a fantastic machine and it runs Roon perfectly. I’ve never had an issue and don’t anticipate having one. It really is an excellent Roon “appliance”, which is why I bought it.

I’m an IT professional, pretty handy at the CLI but not a ninja like the team that put ROCK together. So here’s my question:

If I ever wanted to change the OS on the Nucleus to a more generic distribution of Linux… Ubuntu or some Debian flavor (before reinstalling Roon obviously), is there anything in the firmware or anything else that would present a challenge?

Hook up a monitor, look at the POST message and try a live CD and you’ll soon learn one way or the other without touching the current OS.

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Great idea thanks for posting that, appreciate it!

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IIRC F10 for boot options and F2 to enter BIOS on a NUC.

It is a standard Intel Motherboard, so, I don’t think so.

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It’s indeed not possible to afterwards install back the nucleus flavoured ROCK.

good to know, thank you.

Should be possible to clone the system disk via a live Linux CD and then revert if needed later…

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Just closing the loop on my own post. Successfully installed Ubuntu server 20.04 on my Nucleus Plus hardware today. It was easy, if not trivial. I was probably overthinking it, it’s a NUC after all.

Why wouldn’t you just sell the Nucleus, then buy a new NUC to set up as a ubuntu machine and pocket the extra cash?


This does seem a strange way to pay through the nose for a NUC. Whatever OS ends up on it will need to respect the cooling requirements as it has no fan.