Is there any interest in a music files backup solution?

Lol. That was definitely a “glass half full” answer @Charles_Peterson.


neat… a “cloud locker” could also make this restore transparent since you could play from the cloud locker until things are sync’d locally.

The worst part of restoring from Backblaze is waiting for days for a USB drive to arrive or even longer for the download to finish. A digital cloud locker would completely eliminate that wait!

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I do not buy many cds anymore. So my local files remain the same most of the time. I have done a manual backup on an USB drive, also on onedrive and i still have all original cds. So I would not need additional backup mechanisms,

Love the idea of a cloud locker!

Sorry, it was a bit presumptive to ask you to confirm (now) that RoonBackup (whatever it may, or may not, turn out to be) wasn’t a prerequisite for RoonMobile (whatever that may turn out to be).

But I assume from your answer (and previous comment re. transcoding) that it is an idea that you have been kicking around and in many ways it’s a very sensible/attractive solution to that problem. Although less so for lifetime subscribers (who don’t need a backup solution) who could be facing an additional subscription cost to access their Roon Core remotely should that idea come to fruition.

RoonMobile (for want of a better name) has long been a feature listed as being ‘on the roadmap’ and yet as far as I know an additional subscription fee has never been raised. So that’s quite a big change if that is where your thinking is going.

That’s absolutly your prerogative as a company of course and I am sure there will be many who would be happy to pay an additional fee for that feature. I was just asking (maybe a tad too directly) if that was likely (or unlikely) to be the case — as I assume you haven’t only just started thinking about ‘Roon Mobile’ since starting this thread. But if you don’t feel like sharing that information now that’s fine.

Anyway, back to the backup brainstorming… :slight_smile:

I think tying remote access to a subscription would not be a great idea, but many people lack the internet performance or reliability to stream files from their homes. Often it’s very difficult or impossible due to how ISPs implement firewalls and NAT.

For those people who don’t have super lenient and reliable gigabit connections at home, using your “backup” as a digital locker may be a good way to make it perform well.

I’m starting to see this less as a “backup” feature and more of a new product with multiple benefits (offsite backup, mobile access, online storage, maybe more?). This also makes the product appealing to a larger group of people, which makes it a more commercially viable project. Even if you don’t make use of every use case, it’s still valid product for many more people.


I’d been using Crashplan for years too, until I needed to do bare metal recovery. Complete nightmare. Moral of the story, always test your backup strategy!

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i did too, but they got rid of the personal use tiers and the small business tier didnt make sense for me.

I have tried Backblaze (based on your recommendations some time ago), but it has turned out to be a big NO, due to the internet offerings in Belgium (and probably a lot of other countries in the EU).

I have a subscription with 100Mbps download and 25Mbps upload.
In theory, I have no limit to my data usage, as long as I am ‘fair’ in my usage.

In practice, as I have > 3,5TB local files, my internet provider blocked me after 3 weeks, whilst I was continuously uploading, albeit at moderate speed.
As a result, and after a number of calls with the support desk, internet was enabled again, albeit at far lower speed than before. After 1 week, beginning of a new month, everything went back to normal luckily.
I do not recall how much data I had backuped to the cloud already, but it was really peanuts.

So I abandonded the idea altogether.

It really depends on your internet subscription (what is availble and allowed by one’s ISP), and how big your music collection is.

For me, it is a no go. I take backups on a NAS, take a backup of these backups, and then again take a backup every 3 months) of that backup on a disc I put in a safe at my local bank office.


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Thanks Danny,

That’s a really honest answer and I agree for many Roon users the simplicity of remote access (without worrying about firewalls/NAT etc.) will be something they will happily pay extra for and will certainly reduce the support burden.

But also good to know you’re still open to allowing remote access (if/when that feature arrives) without a subscription :slight_smile:

Maybe there is something in the Rock/Nucleus model. In terms of you can do (some of) this yourself (ie. Remote Access/Backups/Transcoding/Roon Extensions etc.). But if you’re non-technical or you value your time, we have a service you can buy that does it all for you.

Oh god, people don’t actually want to be able to restore from their backups too, do they?

Well, this changes everything. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Another physical backup strategy to consider is investing in a couple of small Pelican waterproof cases (typically around $35 for one), a bare drive dock, and hard drives of your choice, and then keeping in your car, shed out back, buried in the backyard, at a neighbors garage, etc etc.


Told you so 100 posts above! :innocent:

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would you be intertested in a solution that provided more than backup? :slight_smile:

you’d still get history, and youd still be able to delete content locally, and youd be able to stream from it…


I’d be interested in cloud storage of my music. Currently I backup my NAS to Amazon Drive, but I’d be happy to look at a more integrated bundle solution with Roon, especially if it did more than just store music.

Well, if it’s Roon OS only, I don’t care. I don’t use that, or intend to.

But what I would like is a cloud Core running against a “cloud locker” of my music rips plus my streaming services, to use when I’m outside my house. I realize that as the core offering for Roon, this may be a non-starter, due to WAN foibles and download caps. But I’d be willing to pay for an additional license to have this ability in addition to my existing LAN-based Core.

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I don’t have any personal need or use case to stream my personal files over the internet.

As long as it’s free. Roon membership should cover this by default, imo. But even then I’ll be reluctant to put my library on cloud.

This is not reasonable. Storage costs are directly correlated to user’s and their library. It can not be made free unless we are just eating the cost. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be in business very long.


Crashplan has always worked well for file/folder recoveries but I’ve never had to do a full drive recovery. Sounds like I’ve been dodging a bullet. I am currently evaluating iDrive and will also look at BackBlaze as alternatives. They all seem to have issues on one front or another. Given that my primary concern is for music, it would be interesting to see what Roon might come up with.

@danny - I used the CP for Home family plan for years and then switched to CP for Small Business when they offered 1 year at a substantial discount for prior Home use customers. That year’s now up so looking at alternatives which is why this thread caught my eye.