Is there any interest in a music files backup solution?

While discussing Roon OS 2.0, @Xekomi suggested a feature:

We’ve thought about this before, but it’s been unclear if there is interest in this.

Is it interesting to anyone to have a monthly/yearly add-on fee for online backup storage of your music files? If so, what would do you think would be a fair cost?

Be reasonable :slight_smile: This is going to cost us in development and ongoing maintenance.


Nope - no cloud for me.

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Very good idea indeed. I have lifetime but would definitely be willing to pay extra for that feature.

Cost? Hmm. Depending on size of library of course, perhaps similar cost as Apple’s iCloud services?

It doesn’t interest me at all, but can imagine that others would benefit from such a service.

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I have a Dropbox account, primarily to store my Roon backups. I also have a backup of my music files there. Other than that, I hardly use Dropbox for anything else. So a similar price scale as there would be acceptable for me (even cheaper :grinning:).

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No cloud for me.


Have you guys ever tried to restore? We actually built content backup in Dropbox, and it failed in testing. In fact, even database backup in Dropbox failed.

We found that some album covers were marked as copyrighted (the one I remember off the top of my head was for a Nine Inch Nails download). Dropbox was letting us upload, but wouldn’t let us download it, thus corrupting the “restore”. We worked around it by “encrypting” the data, but that has its own negatives.

When testing backup of content, we found this was true of many downloaded files. Torrented content almost never hit, and self rips sometimes hit, but web downloads hit almost always hit.


I think this would very much depend on the features. For example, for $7.20 a month I have unlimited storage on Backblaze. I use this to backup files from my laptop, from an attached drive of mostly .psd files, and from my main 8TB music drive. I can restore individual files or, for the price of a drive, Backblaze will send me an entire backup. In other words, I have the backup side of cloud storage pretty much covered and wouldn’t switch to a service from Roon unless, a) it was significantly cheaper (unlikely), or b) offered something over and above. For example, if Roon’s cloud service could be combined with Roon mobile, I’d definitely be interested and would be prepared to pay a bit more for the service. For just backup, not so much.


I did consider trying something like this, using AWS or Blaze.
The cost of the space for a 8-10TB library is huge.
The time it would take to populate over domestic broadband is horrible.
I have 1Gbps down, but 50Mbps up (and I get these through Coax-to-the-home) but it would takes weeks to populate the instance.

If I recall the guys at Illustrate, makers of dBPoweramp, Asset etc. tried this a number of years ago, and it did not work well and they canned it.

The price of HDDs, is such that a good backup process should provide what you need.
So I backup my NAS based library which is 10TB in RAID1 to secondary NAS units with 8TB & 2TB in RAID1 (daily rsync jobs on the directories, checked with a Windows based file based comparison tool), then take a, monthly or so, image to an off-line USB caddy with 2 6TB disks in RAID0, and an annual image to 2 4TB disks in JBOD, which are kept in fireproof boxes (these were kept at work, before Covid made remote working accepted).


$7.20 a month for BackBlaze. As for uploading: yes, it does take time for the initial upload - around 5 weeks for me (20Mbps upload) - but after that it’s not too bad and just happens in the background.


I also use Backblaze, but I’m sure many would appreciate a simple built-in solution.


I have a cloud account for my music: unlimited storage for $99/year. Other than the setup, this is zero maintenance. That would be my ceiling for a storage-only service.

Double ditto for @david_nightingale’s comment about a mobile feature. If Roon were to combine it with a mobile service, that would be a real value-added proposition.

My 2c

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@simon_pepper – Backblaze and others have quite a few happy customers who have succeeded at providing cloud backup. I am one of them, as are others chiming in here.

The problem with Backblaze is the lack of Linux support, and a huge number of Roon users run Linux (that includes ROCK and Nucleus). I’m one of them. B2 exists, but it’s pretty pricey to “restore”.

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Ok, will have to take another look.

We used AWS Glacier at work, to archive off AWS S3 instances, so I will ask what we pay for those.

What’s interesting many of these Cloud based storage services use Mag Tape to backup onto - mainframe computing reinvented!

What service? How do you use it?

It’s a good option to have and even though I have multiple sets of music backups, I would probably pay for it.
The current dropbox solution was horrible when I used it last, so I gave up on it

Backblaze has worked well for me so far. I haven’t had to do a major restore - Backblaze is my last line of defence, and I don’t expect I’ll ever have to rely on it to restore everything - but I have recovered a few individual files and folders without any issues.


It would be a nice feature, but with drive space being so inexpensive it wouldn’t make sense for me to pay for cloud storage. My collection is safe on multiple drives and backup drives and on two DAPs. A 512GB mSD is $100 one time payment. A 1TB SSD is about the same cost. The DAPs also give me mobile use now.

Already have Dropbox and Apple cloud storage.

It would be a nice feature for those interested, I just don’t think I’d need it myself.

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Please tell me you’re not using the suggestion to max the company credit card with shiny new server hardware and drives, @danny :wink:

Is there anything I’m missing in terms of how much restore costs would be, other than $10 a Tb with $5 per month for ongoing storage ?

Once you’ve got the code in, wouldn’t offering a USB drive / NAS option be doable as well ?

I have never restored a database backup from Dropbox directly because I have read that this can take a very, very long time. But I can test it tomorrow. This is also just an additional backup to my USB stick (just in case). In case of an eventuality, I would download the Dropbox backup first and then restore it.
My scheduled backups to Dropbox are working fine.

I have already downloaded some previously uploaded albums (including artwork) back from Dropbox and transferred them to the local hard drive. No problems with copyright, neither with ripped albums nor with downloads from Qobuz, TIDAL, Bandcamp, Highresaudio.