Please include edited cover art and edited artist photos in the backup [already working]

With interest I have read this thread:

I stumbled across this posting by @Craig_Palmer

Please let me quote the part I am referring to in my feature request:

  • Even with my approach, there is a big missing piece in my backup strategy for which there is no solution today. If I add cover art or an artist photo in Roon (which many are doing because so many artists don’t have photos and often photos aren’t cropped properly for circular frames), this work is COMPLETELY lost when you have a failure. It is not backed up with the Roon database backups, and Roon provides no way to read artist photos either stored with a track or included in the album directory (they should do the latter BTW) so you can’t add artist photos through any external process and therefore able to be backed up separately.

I am not able to confirm this issue by myself, as I have only been taking backups so far and never had to restore one. But in case the necessity arises, I would expect the backup and restore process of the Roon database to restore everything as it was before - excluding the local music files itself (that is clearly mentioned on the “Settings”, “Backup” screen itself).

But regarding the Roon database the KnowledgeBase states:

Your Roon database is full of information about the music you love. In addition to your library’s metadata, it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more. All of this information is stored in your Roon Database.

Cover art and artist photos are edits I’ve made - so I do want them to be included in the backup.

If that data is not included yet, I would like to open a feature request and hopefully I get some supporters here :slight_smile:

And until this is fixed, I would suggest to edit the KnowledgeBase accordingly.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I read that post and must have missed that part. Images are already part of the database.


In that case please regard this feature request as done. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the quick answer!