Storage add on yes, but no monthly payment

Continuing the discussion from Is there any interest in a music files backup solution?:

I would like this feature of course, BUT

  1. Do not start with own cloud services! Just connect it to common cloud services ( Icloud, Dropbox etc.pp) Others are better and cheaper doing that.

  2. As with lifetime, I would strongly prefer a lifetime option. I already have such a lifetime Roon license. I definately will not start with abos chasing the next abo. Sure I understsnd you want to make money and secure investment. But I buy all my HIFI equipment in one sum by upfront payment. So I (only) will do with such a software add on the some way in one sum!

  3. Would pay 50-100 USD for this lifetime option, depending on convenience of this new service product.

  4. It took me a hours by hours ripping CDs with Roon Nucleus to have all my catalogue in database in Flacs. Doing that I missed a bit of convenience still in naming the files in my database. Single files qualities were fine, but the name of the files appeared nameless and I had to use extra softwares to work on it.
    Maybe another extra feature to cope with!?! Might help to trigger more users for Roon. E.g. Apple is the master of convenience in transfering datas from competitors in their platform.
    Transfering old but expensive data (like CDs) in convenient time saving manner is the biggest hurdle to Roon in my view…

All in all, Roon is excellent by the way. Even with new release I feel happy now!

As an aside, you don’t have to rename your files. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to transfer the ripped files to another non-Roon system without renaming the files, then Roon will do it for you when you use the Export function.