Is there any way for roon to pick up existing artist images where it doesnt have one from users collection?

I have my music origanized by folders in the usual AlbumArtist/Album, and within the AlbumArtist folder I have a folder.jpg representing the artist for most artists, I also have artist images embedded into the music files as well (these were autoadded by SongKong).

Is there any way to get roon to read these automatically rather than manually have to

  • click on each artist without photo
  • select three dots
  • select Edit
  • select Add Image
  • select Browse
  • select Image

for each artist.

Not that I’m aware of. Unlike Albums or Tracks, Artist are objects not directly related to user content. So even if you go the way you described, changes (in the back-end / Roon Metadata Cloud) on an artist object may overwrite/reset your local changes at any time.

PS: There are existing topics about it already in the forum but I currently don’t have the time to search them for you.

Main aim was to see if there is an easier way to get artist images into Roon when they are missing, if Roon subsequently replaces this images with its own (possibly better ones) I don’t really mind that.

Added an article to on how SongKong can be used to find missing artwork images for your Roon library - Adding missing artist photrographs for Roon - SongKong with Roon - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum

I think it’s very problematic to automate this, because even when I do it manually I find that most images of an adequate size are copyrighted.

SongKong uses images from wikipedia

I add images as I listen, especially artists and side players I have met. It keeps me off the forum for a while and is quite satisfying