Is there anyone here who can answer to this simple question about metadata edition?

Could a developer, moderator, salesman, technician, anyone could JUST, for God’s sake, answer this question and explain why (technical constraints, dogma, whatever…) I can completely change the title of an album, its tracks, its primary and secondary artists, its credits, its cover, its recording and release date, its place of recording, its version, its rating, etc. BUT NOT its review and the biography associated with the primary artist of the album? Thanks!


Still waiting for an answer…

I would be surprised

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Why do you want to change the review? Because it’s critical of a work you love? Ot because it’s just bad writing?

Why do you want to change the review? Because it’s critical of a work you love? Ot because it’s just bad writing?

Because reviews are often inadequate, because more than a thousand albums in my collection and hundreds of artists simply have no bio or reviews at all, because EVERYTHING is written in English and my native language is not English, among other things…


As far as I am concerned, I have copied lots of reviews to my comment tags from the Gramophone review database and it would be cool to have them displayed there. It’s not terribly important but for me it would be added value to see some of the reviews that made me buy the recording.

Fair enough that sounds like a legitimate reason for this request.

I add my own reviews

I use Word. Copy & Paste the review , Print To PDF , drop into the folder of the Album , CD1 (for some reason) in a Box Set.

You can add any number

Many of them are poorly written. Most of them dont even have the name of the author laid bare! So you dont know whether this was a serious critic or just some clown writing that review.

Clearly, having reviews from recognized quality sources would be hugely beneficial but unfortunately I dont see this happen

Why, because that feature request has not been implemented yet. It has been asked for before, many times but Roon do not comment on feature requests generally unless it is something that will not ever be on the roadmap (Folder browsing as an example).

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Still waiting for an answer…

@kevin @mike @danny @brian

Still waiting for an answer…

Still waiting for an answer…

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I asked for this feature over 5 years ago in Roon 1.1 @chander_nagor … I’m still waiting too :smiley:

There are many other threads on the forums with similar requests (many linked in with the above thread if you’re interested).

And to quote @danny from 5 years ago -

nnyDanny Dulai Roon Labs: COO
Aug '15

they are not editable in this build, but i dont think you will have to wait long for them to be editable.

For completion’s sake regarding this request - the automatically pulled reviews shouldn’t be editable - they should still remain. The user should be able to add reviews when there are none, and also to add extra review to albums which already have the automatic one.


That is what I have as well, its certainly not ideal but… I posed the question a long time ago why metadata is soooo incomplete. Seems like not too many people care about it.

When you purchase a CD, you get all the liner notes, whose playing what tracks etc… Why that can’t be included in purchased file/download or pulled from somewhere in the case of streamed files I’ll never understand.

So as you stated, I will copy/paste all the info into word, make pdf, put into music folder and then access from roon interface.

2015… :frowning:

Thank you for digging up this answer, even if it’s quite disappointing not to have had any updates or answer from the staff on this subject for more than 5 years…

Maybe it may seem trivial to most Roon users (but then what’s the point of having access to AMG reviews anyway), but to me, it’s almost the most important feature for this kind of software, besides the high quality of the audio signal transport…

Since most of the critical reviews are frequently from small minded talentless neredowells, who have nothing to better than to spend their wasted lives of attacking the work of those to whom they can never aspire. Please provide an option to remove these vitriolic asinine comments from my view. I don’t need to hear or see the small minds of such people. A simple option to not display these “reviews” would be a great improvement in roon.

You can go to Settings > General > Editorial Sources and either prefer Wikipedia or turn off all sources to show nothing

Thanks for that. Very helpful.

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