Is there such a thing as paid torrent downloads?

Trying to accumulate a video and media library. I have no interest in “pirating” anything, but I’m trying to avoid keeping a paid account just to watch things I’ve already paid for. (Looking at you Prime.) I know I could go back to collecting CD’s and Blue Ray discs, but I’d like to avoid that too.

So is there a place to buy non-proprietary format/DRM free videos for download? Or should I just buy the discs, upload and deep six the discs? Seems like a waste.

And I know this isn’t Roon oriented which is why I put it in off topic.

Bittorrent is just a file download protocol. It’s a peer-to-peer distributed one, which helps providers save on bandwidth cost. However, whether you download a file normally in the web browser from a music seller website or whether they provide a torrent link instead makes no difference to you whatsoever.

Though it seems to me that torrent is not very suitable for paid downloads as anyone who has the torrent link could download it, due to the nature of Bittorrent

To download paid music, whatever the protocol, there are lots of sites. Check out Bandcamp which is artist-driven and gives them a larger share (if they maintain an artist site there), the Qobuz web store (don’t need a streaming account for that), Highresaudio or lots and lots of other specialist sites.

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Thanks. I’m using the wrong language. I know plenty of places to download music. What I’m looking for are places to download video in a non-proprietary format. I shouldn’t have used the word “torrent.”

I’m trying to get away from having to maintain an Amazon or Vudu account to watch content that I’ve paid for already. As noted, I’m not looking to “pirate.” I just don’t want to be tethered to a streaming account, have to be online, “rent” or have to go back to buying discs. I already own the content. I shouldn’t need supervision or permission from Bezos to watch it.

It’s easy for music. Not so easy for video. And yes, I COMPLETELY get that it’s a DRM problem, not a tech problem.

Ah, oh, I overlooked the word “video”. Not that I know of for the general case. Youtube Premium or Vimeo have download options, but obviously not a broad selection of blockbuster movie content :wink: I don’t think that such a thing exists, DRM as you noted.