Is this a (newish) Roon feature? (Combining tracks of a single composition.)

I started noticing that Roon (somewhat recently???) seems to be able to combine tracks and give me the option of playing all tracks that comprise a single composition. Is this just Roon’s metadata engine being “smart” about what compositions are on an album? See below; above track 1 is an un-numbered “option” to play the entire concerto.

It’s a great feature.

Well, not really new. Roon has had the ability to do this for sometime. The limiting factor was meta-data.

For your own music, Roon provided the ability for you to add the grouping data needed yourself through use of the Work and Part fields which you could populate in your own files.

For streaming files, perhaps the meta-data has improved, or, Roon has improved it’s ability to utilize the available meta-data (and that part might be newish).

Cool, thanks! This is metadata I’ve managed myself, so I think it’s Roon’s engine figuring it out for itself.

I was not aware of the Work and Part fields, and will read up on them. I use Metadatics for OS X and I see it has the Work field right in the default UI screen. So I should use the same Work info for every track in the same work on a multi-work album? I’ll experiment :slight_smile:

Well, before Work/Parts, if a CD was UNIDENTIFIED and used your tags, Roon would parse the file titles, and if they were set correctly would group up compositions like so. See this:

Yes. :slight_smile: ///////