Is this Intel NUC warning ONLY for ROCK?

So I, like so many others here, decided I don’t want my super powerful pc always turned ‘on’ to serve music, and will use an Intel NUC or other similar low power and low heat mini PC.

I cannot go the ROCK route, as I intend this mini pc Roon server to output & stream to my NAD M51 too (yes, I know you recommend separate devices, but that really doesn’t work for me in this location), but there is no Linux driver for the M51… so, Windows 8 or 10.

While I know this is a ROCK page…

It is also great as a discussion regarding various Intel NUC generations, which I can equate to other manufacturer’s mini Pcs.

It is the following that caught my eye:

“The SSD can not be used for music content”.

THE QUESTION: Is that limited to and and specific to ROCK?

I wanted, on Windows, a slim Intel NUC with a 1Tb M.2 disk for OS, Roon Server, implying DB, and the music Content. On Windows not ROCK. No problem with that?


Yes, that warning is for a ROCK install. ROCK takes over the entire SSD for the OS that is why they say you only need a small SSD for ROCK.

You should be OK using it the way you describe.

Much thanx!