Is "Traditional" gone as a meta-category in 1.8?

I added an album and added its credits. A track is a traditional, so I added the Composer credit as such.

In 1.7, doing so found a predefined credit named “Traditional”. Adding this to the track i 1.7, it showed up in the composer credits of the track but was not a clickable link, i.e. did not lead to an artist page.

In 1.8, after I entered “Traditional” it asked me if I wanted to create a new artist with that name. When I did, it indeed created one as a clickable link, bringing me to an artist page where only this newly added track appeared under the works.

Tracks that were already credited as composer “Traditional” in 1.7 still have this unclickable category, it’s just when I add this credit in 1.8 that it creates an artist with a clickable link

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Yes, already in 1.7 the choice to make the “Traditional” composer unclickable was absurd.
Now, in 1.8, you cannot even add the (existing, though unclickable) composer Traditional to a composition.
Same problem with Anonymous.
On the other hand there are many “French Traditional” “Irish Traditional” and so on, that are clickable, full composers.
I hope they are gonna solve this situation…

Thank you for confirming, I was not sure if I was confused. Started with Roon only in December, and now so many things changed on purpose and others seem bugs, I don’t know anymore what’s what.

I have no strong feelings for making the Traditional clickable, not sure that seeing millions of tracks with Traditional would be useful. Unless Valence could correlate them to the library somehow, but let’s focus on the important stuff first :slight_smile:

Obviously there must be a way to add traditional to credits. And given what you found out with French etc., this seems an obvious bug. Seems minor but is annoying as I am ripping my collection and not sure how best to handle this without having to go back later when fixed

That would be a bug.

Thanks. Does this mean that it should be flagged somehow or is it OK if it stays as-is in Metadata Issues?

Additional: The current seemingly broken behavior seems to be related to an older questionable behavior here: