iSCSI protocol apply on Roon OS

Dear programmer,

If possible to consider add iSCSI protocol into next version Roon OS?

As I tried to create iSCSI LUN and target on my Synology NAS before, it has very good performance and stability for data transfer between my PC and NAS.

As alternative external storage solution, it worth to try :slight_smile:

Thanks/ Kurt

Never going to happen. Roon has bigger fish to fry than this obscure and idiosyncratic request.

Doesn’t hurt to ask, I guess.

iSCSI is unnecessary. SMB (or NFS) are both FAR more performance and reliable than a music playback app requires. Even worst case scenario of native DSD512 is only 50Mbit/s. And realistically, nobody has music in those formats. I’d wager Redbook quality still accounts for 90+% of “normal” people’s libraries, and that’s only 1.5Mbit/s. Music really puts basically no load on any (modern) I/O subsystem…

iSCSI is also not something Roon itself is ever going to use directly. iSCSI is a block storage protocol, and needs a filesystem on top of it. So you’d need the iSCSI initiator at the OS level and then the OS to put a filesystem on it. Then you can add that filesystem as a library in Roon like normal.

But don’t do it. iSCSI is not the correct solution here, and will cause more problems than it would resolve. It will make backing up your music much more tedious, for example.

very thanks for revert me, I have mounted an internal SSD into ROCK instead storage base on network.:sunglasses: